Human Resource Development

You see, the definition of its purpose is not about the tasks you do. This is the reason for the tasks. So if you are an employment specialist in HR, its purpose is not to hire people. That is a task. The reason behind the task could be to increase the competitive advantage your company with exceptional people. If you are a web designer, your job is not to build websites.

That is a task. Its purpose is the why of it. Such may be to build the corporate brand or make life easier for its customers. Look beyond his title. In one of my work, my purpose was to help the company develop a culture of success, while in another it was to help build confidence in the corporate brand to new customers give us a chance. The title of my work would never have told you about anyone.

But here is a secret. People who are winning at working, do not wait for someone else, like his boss, to define the purpose of his work. To find out. They define it. Create a vision of themselves. People who are winning at working to explain the work they do supports their organization’s vision, values, goals and objectives. Not satisfied to perform tasks such as the mason first. They are like the second. They want to understand and contribute to the whole. They want to know that what they do in labor. Want to win at work? Define the purpose of his work. And to go beyond their duties.