Ideas Gifts

If what you look for are original gifts, without a doubt the range of fans is ideal for the occasion. David Rogier may help you with your research. nich. The fans not only contribute a colorful option but also that adds a little history and tradition to him to the alternative mentioned one. The fans date from the time of the colony and was an ideal complement for clothes of any well encumbrada lady. Catherine de introduces it to Mdicis in France like extreme a novel accessory and of coquetera that with time own language had. Like subtle mass media, she served to carry out the most burning flirteos or, so that not them based messages of any other nature. The masters consisted of how was grasped it, whereupon hand maintained it and how the women abanicaban themselves they let or it retozar in its lap.

Ideal complement for the freedom of explosion of the woman, the fan is today an element of decoration or almost in disuse, living reminder of a past in which the woman nontapeworm freedom in the speech or the opinion. Like gifts woman, today they appear in diverse sizes and styles: the fan Gold gold-model, measures 23 cm closed and counts on a linkage of nacre, ivory and shell. When being gold engraving allows to add the inscription that one wishes. Another model very looked for is the P200-Tam, measures 19 cm closed and its linkage is of wood, can be found in the following colors: natural, marine, green dark, red, black, walnut and garnet. Also apt for inscriptions of all type, enterprise, advertising, etc.

Between the favorites, we emphasized fan 29 pear tree, fact of artisan form, with pear wood and with finishing polished without dyes nor varnishes, the colors of the fabric are totally to election like also the inscription of the same. For the customized gifts we can name the fan for dance of flamenco, the fan for fianc2ee, the painted fan by hand and the fan of soothes Chinese. Each with a stamp and different utility. As souvenirs also is ideal, the mini fans appear in plastic packing and they are sold around 1000 units. And as memory of Spain is the painted ones with the replica of the picture Grape harvest of Goya or the Meninas of the teacher Vela’zquez, to fan with an artistic air. The world of hopes you to the subtilities to give or to publicitar to the great thing!