The Consequences

Don’t wait for your doctor to tell him that his life is in danger to have healthy habits a strategy to restructure, and to relate behavior isolated with all a habit is as follows. Write in a journal absolutely everything what they ate for a week, or the entire exercise that did in the week. Understood as exercise any physical activity that generates some kind of physical fatigue. After finishing the week you will see elections that he did, not only for a day, but for a whole week. This will help you become aware of the way in which relates each election with others. You will see if you are eating only one meal over in week, or if this is repeated more than three days a week. When you have the possibility to see a broader picture of the way in which behaves, you can better choose how to behave in future, than if based solely on what feels like at a specific time. For example, if to choose only takes into account the satisfaction that can give you this dessert that has front.

Make the test and observe the consequences it can have on you. One other tip, once you have the picture of the way in that he is behaving, choose in advance how It will eat or exercise next week. Put rules, for example, I’m going to eat red meat only twice all week, I’m going to drink 8 glasses of water a day, I’ll do 30 minutes of exercise a day. In some cases, the first step to lose weight is to make this process of restructuring. If you do not perform this step, do not realise why they are getting fatter or what you should change. Tatiana silver PD can find other steps here. I want to know your opinion about this article to improve and know what kind of information you want. Please go to this link and give me your opinion.

Second Vatican Council

Continuation of the transcript of the recording recording of the class: the Mission of the Church is directed, motivated, animated, and directed by the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit, not only has acted on Pentecost, launching the Church and leaving it to their fate, but continues to act in the Church, still managing to the Church. The Holy Spirit is the protagonist of the mission. The effectiveness of our evangelism isn’t in our methods, or, in our human capabilities, but in the action of the Holy Spirit. But this does not mean not to do everything possible to evangelize as it should be.

Thanks to the Second Vatican Council, it was understood that the Mission of the Church, the missionaries, religious missionaries, not only live it because this was another big problem. Before the Council, responsible for the mission, were only large orders or missionaries, and propaganda fiden at that time, the Congregation of the Holy See, and large orders missionary., with the Council changes. From there, go to be the Episcopal Conferences. The bishops are going to assume the main role, and missionary responsibility. And the role of the Congregation for the evangelization of peoples, is going to be a coordinator role, motivate, continue to support.

But the bishops have direct responsibility with the Pope in communion. Religious orders now are at the service of the bishops, have to coordinate with the Bishops; It is not that an order comes and goes without saying anything. And that was all in one of the problems that the Pontifical Magisterium before the Council, tried to fix, because there were clashes, religious congregations that among them were fighting or jostled by the dominance of a mission territory. Missionary panorama has varied in how much organization and in terms of operational level. At the theological level, nor no longer the subject of the mission.

Cultural Diversity

How children see life there is different types of diversities that must be taken into account to find out what a child feels like:-personal disabilities as for example the physical or psychic. Which are produced by families such as the form of power, language, religions (if let you have idols or do parties that there are some religions that forbid it) etc of the physical aspect as if you’re thick or thin or take some kind of accessory extra such as eyeglasses or teeth etc. which are own appliances such as: If you are an open, shy, Extrovert, introvert person etc. and those that are school distinguished by groups: those who study lot, which it is not, which approved everything, but without showing interest, those who strive, which equals them and within these there are also more complex groups still. It would be nice to bring us closer to children perceptions of life and know how they live that different kinds. This would be to try put us in the skin of children, at its height, and above all in their way of thinking, knowing what may be their concerns or fears that they and expectations intended to achieve with the passage of time and then compare as vary as time progresses and we are older. To put us in the skin of children we can use our personal childhood memories and our ways of doing, though many have a very different life than ours as lucky who have had and are in a family or another, that precisely is very important in the progress of children because they will grow according to what you have learned from small. We could reach the conclusion that people are very equal and that we are not as different as we think we, and objective is to meet the reduce discrimination by race or ways of doing. Original author and source of the article