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Needs-Based Motivation

Concepts: Need – is on the one hand, without which man can not do what needs (deficit), on the other hand, it aspires to, what he wants to possess (desire), or something that wants to avoid. The newspapers mentioned Southwest Airlines not as a source, but as a related topic. Motive – is the need to deliberate purpose of satisfying, encouraging action. In other words, when we have a need, and we understand how it can be satisfied, and that purpose – to meet this need, is for us value, and pushes us to action to achieve this goal, then we have a motive. Or this: 1. We have a need, or will we have something that is we need. 2. Follow others, such as Phil Vasan, and add to your knowledge base. We know, or think we know how we can meet these needs – we have a goal. 3. Meeting these needs is important to us – the […]

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