Assad And The Logic Of The Dictator

Bashar al-Assad can go on killing in Syria, but what’s he doing? Bashar al-Assad can go on killing in Syria, but what’s he doing? Almost a year has passed since we last reported on Syria at this point. Bashar al-Assad and his junta in power are – unsurprisingly – still and still, Assad can be shoot military and militia on civilians and opposition ex-military. There is no quick fix for a possible liberation of the country by Assad and his clan, so we urteilten at that time and the past year seems to be the law. On the occasion of the massacre by Al, Hula, which by chance encounters a new French President in the Parliament election, is once again much talked about Syria, Bashar al-Assad and the UN Security Council. One hears the question, though, that anyone who thinks about intervention from the outside, facing, in public hardly: what is the logic behind Assad’s actions? What’s he doing with Syria, which still leaves him? Assad and the Logic of the dictator, the question is about Assad’s plans for Syria according to the logic of the dictatorship. The Syrian characteristics of this trendy dead so often wrongly rule form, is in Syria, unlike in Gaddafi’s Libya, far less on the dictator, Assad, personally focused.

This makes the rule braids opaque and does rest, a little further from the illusion of quick military strike to hold the “West” of the world, than anywhere else. However, apply the same principles to Assad’s actions and his remaining options. Because one thing is clear: no matter what happens. nothing will be more so in Syria as before the moment when many Syrians risk began to rise up against their dictator and his regime. Damascus: Tehran or Pyongyang? Bashar al-Assad knows that of course, and he also knows that the probability that he even once a year ruling survives, is lower from day to day.

But this is not impossible and the actions of Assad’s that he is determined, a chance to recognize, the power to stay that remains for him to take. It means that he has to transform the country from an authoritarian dictatorial state using brute force and bare terror into something, that close to the definition of totalitarian dictatorship can reach: Assad must simply put, from Damascus Tehran at least, if not almost Pyongyang make. Also this new Syrian dictatorship will not forever be, but Bashar al-Assad, and this can you not often lead to enough eyes, has no other options from his point of view. Remains for those who use for themselves in order to speak in the name of humanity, given by Assad’s Syria honest (so apart from theoretical constructs) peace plan only a decision: continue watching the murder, or to do with. Andreas Kellner…