Many of the lessons from the shared me are not mine, but I try to do them myself and assure you that everything is possible. Almost all the lessons I insert the name of our team 'GANGSTERS', as is a description of the lesson itself, in the course of his run very often add something to their effects, that would not be repeated exactly in breadth. That's why I do not write someone a lesson, and who invented it. Gary Kelly: the source for more info. Now I will tell you how to start new. First, install only version not less than CS3. Because In the Russian version seems to me difficult to work because all the lessons in nete almost Eng.

version. Why not lower than CS3? The fact is that since CS3 came very popular today effects. Yes, there is version above, but I work in this version. In addition, not a bad support the study of English. language. Business with pleasure as they say. Second, start with light. Look for the lessons are the simplest.

In my opinion, are the lessons of the text. Of course there are also difficult lessons with text, but still, they gave me the easiest. Try it, even if you do not get the final result as it should be, Do not worry, go to the next lesson. Perhaps in another lesson will be described in detail how to do something that you could not do last year. It may be if the description of the lesson drawn awry, that something missing, and little if anything.