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Revelry Levy In 1919

Vienna taxed the pleasure of the population in the crisis years 1919 and 1920 basic principles of economic policy set for the land Niederosterreich. During this period, the capital Vienna was still no private state, but as the authority only a city. In the commercial, trade and industry, in the agriculture and forestry sector, and in tax and levy were first Central vertex for the future legal and therefore political development formulated and decided. The economic policy differentiated from the tax and tax policy. In the crisis year 1919 among other things the tax contributions of the municipalities were direct taxes in the framework of economic policy in the tax and levy, beer duty in Vienna, lease interest Edition, fire wine duty in Vienna, surcharges for Vienna, beautification tax, acquisition tax surcharge for trade and industrial chambers, channel – and cesspool clearance fee Vienna, Bed & Breakfast in Vienna, sparkling wine tax, Totalisateurabgabe, wine, wine dispensing and just providing revelry regulated Here adopted foundations right historically, also almost hundred years later have a certain significance. This development will now be published in the series of LawLeaks. Levy authorization for the city of Vienna in the province of lower Austria authorized the municipality of Vienna, public events, and theatrical performances of all kinds, music performances, recitation events, circus performances, photo shows, sports demonstrations and competitions, variety ‘- and cabaret performances and dance events that took place within the Viennese district to impose a corresponding duty of revelry.

Thus, a significant new economic activity in the taxation by the State in this case was involved the authority of Vienna. Subject to tax and duties these public events, and theatrical performances of all kinds, music performances, recitation events, circus performances, photo shows, sports demonstrations and competitions, variety ‘- and Cabaret performances and dance events were the subject of the tax. 10% of the ticket price as revelry levy was basically from these events to collect, 30% were levied on horse racing. Events, the Reinertrag came to exclusively charitable purposes, demonstrations or for school or educational purposes were organized, or no fee was required for such, were exempt from the tax of revelry. In addition, the municipality of Vienna could be exempt from the revelry tax more events, which served the scientific or educational purposes. The event business owners were committed to the timely removal of the revelry levy as duties.

Accounting at the city of Vienna the organizer had to show the execution of the event at least three days prior to the date of the authority. Event companies, who were not resident in the municipality of Vienna, a corresponding guarantee for the delivery of revelry could be collected. The Abgabenverpflichtete had to the Vienna about the tickets and the tax payable to Bill. At the same time the duties at the main ticket office of the city of Vienna had to pay the appropriate tax. If the duties not complied with this obligation, the magistrate could accordingly impose the tax. Alternatively a fixing and payment of duty of revelry could be done in the way of compensation. The Secretary of State for finance in agreement were tasked with the Secretary of State for Home Affairs and education authorities and administrative penalties with the full. Violations of this revelry gift Act were made using the 2 to 8 times the outstanding amount or be punished with an administrative penalty of 5 up to 200 crowns.

The Positive

“I complain about the UMstand that I am so punished (by whom or whatever), this arduous passage” to make. I wish that it were not so, relationship to do so, which I don’t deny the positive element of the moment”(which in this case is the possession of full shopping bags) and increase me into the discontent. Using the technique uses a momentum with me, and I remember that it is beautiful, that I am able to buy, I have money, so I can pay that I have feet that I can move on, I have hands to carry the shopping. If I am came on in this relationship to reality, so really feel that this is an aspect of reality, gratitude immediately warmed my heart and made me feel wonderful, blessed and happy, just as it is. I am just in an intense situation. Maybe I have conflicts with my partner, am ill or erlebe the loss of a lover and am apparently caught repeating always wishing that it would be slightly different, would not take place, or I would be absent.

It is probably so, that I defend the situation, which does not recognize reality, so refuse to get in now, and am stuck in the cycle of recurring desire to be happy, to experience the unpleasant. Then comes the point where I remember that it is a gift to feel, to perceive, to breathe; that it is a miracle to be alive. And I remember that this always applies, unabhangig of the currently existing circumstances. I will be so bewusst that my dissatisfaction is based on it, I didn’t want to have that, what makes life just me”. Which means that bewusster or also unconscious erweise will clear me, that I me just wunsche not to exist, not to be alive, and this brought immediate gratitude about the factual circumstance, to be actually alive, to have life, here to be to be able to have feelings in me. And to close the round of example, I would like to mention a proverb as last I heard once long ago and that since then accompanies me through life. “A few a few words which untarnished expressing the essence of the technology applied by me vermogen: when you’re there, to look at yourself and your shoes to complain, then look at the man who has no feet.” This describes the effect our relationship, our relationship to things admirably. I find myself in the complaint mode”, so resent about this, what I don’t have, I harvest nothing but Unzufriedenheit. I however remember, what I currently have, experience and feel that my assets, then I can about that, what I just own, delight, and I experience deep gratitude and peace.