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Your plastic map may refuse to work in some countries or banks, even if you claimed your bank, it will work vezde.Esli you a large sum, you can rent a safe deposit box at the bank, and to keep their savings there. Even more convenient way – to open a bank account and to get a plastic card. The latter method is very convenient, but it can not all stranah.Berite a walk as much money as you plan to spend, do not go to bolee.Kogda walk, take it with you as much money as you plan to spend, not with a pack of bolee.Nosite fake (souvenir) of notes. If you would loot, give the false bills. The offender would not understand, these are or not, grab a pack and travel ubezhit.Esli than one / one, divide the money and valuables into several pieces and store in a small part of kazhdogo.Ni In no event and under no circumstances, do not check the money and documents in luggage.

Your luggage may be "carefully" inspected, or just randomly poteryan.Nosite along photocopies of passports, just in case (a passport – in a safe). Zagray Be the scan-and Russian passports to their e-mail so that if necessary they can be printed. Copies you need, when you have to restore dokumenty.Staraytes have as little cash, but still enough to stretch to the end of the holiday. One of the ways to minimize the number of necessary cash, and buy the book in advance. In the Internet age may not leaving the computer to schedule all your travel book and buy tickets, tickets to buses, trains, order and pay for a taxi or shuttle service, pay for hotel accommodation and so on. If you are traveling on a tourist voucher, then you do not have any problems: all of you will book and pay for Tour Operator. You can then go on the road, taking with them hundreds of dollars on gifts and entertainment. Original article – here. See other security issues at the site of Our Planet