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Swinging Pendulum

Policy is tilting and the story is circular. As ineluctable truths, there is no doubt that is developing the right turn in the Latin American left. The ruling liberals and is ill and will soon go into coma, but before pollute and destroy everything in its path, trying to force his stay in power with its overwhelming totalitarianism. Hugo Chavez came to an aspiring political roof as a continental leader and will be very difficult after the Bolivarian experience failed and vulgar, some other country, apart from controlling, is dominated by the colonel. Brazil and Argentina whose geopolitical dimension is the most important in the southern hemisphere, are at a critical time. The first election-year end is sliding at high speed on the road concealed from the Workers Party took power. Lula da Silva took off the mask that allowed him to govern as a social democrat because I knew that otherwise would not last. For other opinions and approaches, […]