The Transaction

Are also encouraged to think in advance who will carry out repair of boats in the event of failure, where his store in the winter and other issues of maintenance and service. 5). Buyer is not versed in the issues: "when" and "where" to buy a boat? Better to buy a boat from a distributor or an authorized dealer – they can give a decent discount, especially in the kits with motors. If model boats finally chosen, it is better to take it on prepaid – get an additional discount, and prepayment amount will be about 50%. And you should not rely solely on your taste, is much more profitable to attract buying boats specialist consultant, a good benchmark in matters of acquisition of boats, who knows all the "pitfalls" that beset the buyer on his way to his dream. This is especially true when it comes to selling boats bu 6). Buyer not correctly evaluates the state of finances, and eventually under stress due to stress. It is better to buy a smaller boat or cheaper, or maybe second-hand boats to consider the options, while keeping in mind that second-hand boat always associated with investing money in repairs and maintenance.

7). The buyer does not pay due attention to the special design model boats. If he needs a boat for regular use and the passage of large distances, then here requires a boat of high quality workmanship. Pay attention to the details of the design boats – a measure of quality. When viewed from the bot on the stand they may seem insignificant, but the water from them may depend human life. Do not be afraid to ask questions about materials and manufacturing techniques boats. 8).

The buyer focuses only on the boat, not being interested in the presence of adequate service and warranty, proposals component parts, skill level of employees. Stay on the details of the transaction and everything that relates to the operation of boats. 9). Buyer overly trust a known brand, forgetting that it takes concrete cutter, which must meet its specific needs. Compare the proposed model boats, after all, a well-known manufacturers fail. 10). The buyer does not think about what might someday he will want to sell them purchased a boat. It is not necessary to chase the brand, but ignore it wrong. Remember: The boat company with a known reputation and then sell it will be easier and more profitable.