The Couple

Depending on the issue, it may be inappropriate to talk in front of a stranger or, conversely, in front of people who have a good opinion of your partner. Sometimes, the failures in previous conversations and the inability to find alternative solutions, do we expose publicly, those outstanding issues that are causing discomfort within us. If the goal is to embarrass or shame, surely this way we will succeed, but if we seek to solve what concerns us seek the appropriate place to talk. A neutral place like a coffee shop or while walking, may be favorable alternatives to address a troubling issue. In many cases are dropped, for example, the lunch table and bed, they are meeting places that are marked (or should be) by good memories. Surely, this pattern of location, but depend on each couple. What we want to convey is that we must avoid that "here I catch you here I'll kill you" or use public areas of the couple to force a conversation.

3. Learn to be a conversation mirror serves to reflect a mirror image. The mirror image you send us that we provide. Similarly, we can present ourselves in front of your partner as if we were a mirror, without preconceptions, without prejudice, and "reflecting" (responding) to what we heard: "What I hear you saying is that …". If the answer does not match our perception of the ear, may be because your partner has not been expressed can help us better understand the subject matter and our partners.