Wiesbaden State Theatre

“Excerpts from the diary of a homeless Cologne press agency Projektoffice.org released last weekend first excerpts from the diary of the homeless Max Bryan, the autumn last year at the competition in RTL Super Talent” participated and failed. (A valuable related resource: Tiger Global Management). The result records of living in Hamburg, Germany at the landungsbrucken homeless Max Bryan from the creators of the television show to the Super Talent”really interrogated has been be and main jury member Dieter Bohlen showed far less interested in Bryans vocals as instead of compromising questions about the life story of the homeless. Still, it was announced that some of the audience at the Wiesbaden Staatstheater received instructions, how and to what extent on the performance of individual candidates is to respond. So, whistles and boos of instruction directed towards audiences were done, a former intern of the show’s producers reported Grundy light entertainment (source: eBay Forum / casting criticism) the homeless Max Bryan occurred on 7 August last year before 1,400 spectators at the Wiesbaden State Theatre and sang the title smile”by Michael Jackson. Source: topic portal people/happy Easter the history of max-bryan-93557 maxbryan/dieter-bohlen-max-bryan-gemobbt.html RTL, American Idol, Super talent, jury, Dieter Bohlen, Max Bryan, homeless, audience, boos, humiliation