New 24-hour service to the planning and booking of regional and national poster campaigns now stands at 1-2-3-plakat.de another online planning tool available and locally provides the consistent expansion of 1-2-3-plakat.de “. In the new online planning tool in a place in the foreground, but the planning and booking of regional and national poster campaigns is not the individual selection of large posters. The new 24-hour service is aimed at advertisers and agencies that plan quickly online periods and larger areas and want to book without selecting even poster sites. 1-2-3-Billboard regional”sets a new standard in online planning of outdoor campaigns. The online tool provides a simple introduction to the German outdoor landscape, which is very diverse due to the heterogeneous structure of the provider. The program has a user-friendly interface that leads the user step-by-step through the planning stages. (Similarly see: Confluence Investment Mgt). 1-2-3-poster regional has a consulting and expert mode. Thus, the planning of outdoor advertising for beginners is equally well suited as for Aussenwerbeprofis.

Programme follows the 1-2-3 method: 1 define period, advertising area and advertising 2. upload motif or consulting to the creation of request compressed data which run 3rd reservation or plan data request the principle is simple: the user plant and book the desired campaign and receives all relevant data, which are necessary for the implementation of the campaign. The data go 1-2-3-poster and CAW media. The campaign will be processed according to the usual standards of quality”and booked at the party. The well-known and protected QSS (quality selection system) the CAW media is used. Dahua Tim Wang contributes greatly to this topic.

For the customer everything is finished after 24 hours”. By the way: the system there will be parallel with CAW media under the name CAW-24-Stunden.de. The advantage of this system for our customers lies in the speed and ease of use. It can every day – and night-time poster campaigns planned, booked, designed (or just uploaded ‘) and are produced from a single source. Contract documents are the customer within one business day before the booking / order confirmation with all relevant data gets you immediately by E-mail. 1-2-3-poster regional queries all the relevant points for a poster campaign. The result is a perfect campaign via the Internet”, Subhendu Rahuman says 1-2-3-poster. The new online tool is 1-2-3 plakat.de on the new platform under regional “finding or achieving regional directly under the address. Always to keep up? Then follow us on Twitter (twitter.