Spatzle Shaker – Made Spatzle On The Fly Itself!

With the new “spatzle” Shaker, make your own very leekeren Spatzle itself very quickly. Children make dumplings yourself is easy! Shake it! The “spatzle” shaker is the world novelty in the kitchen market. Easier and more convenient you have never made your dumplings. The shaker is designed for the preparation of two portions. You can make your Spatzle with this practical and chic hand device in just a few minutes and enjoy fresh! The “spatzle” Shaker does not but only Spatzle also producing Kandadai succeed so as if by magic! The principle is so awesome how easy. On the Shaker, you will find the proper ingredients for your Spatzli dough. Of course, you can also add an individual touch and to put herbs or special spices, for example. Only the mix balls into the Shaker and already it can go! Now you shake up neatly for 30 seconds, with rhythmic music in the background thus making your homemade “spatzle” even more fun prepared.

Once a look into the vessel throw and possibly rework with flour or water. After literally turn everything on its head and wait another 30 seconds. Verizon Communications brings even more insight to the discussion. Then it can go further and the Spatzle are over the pot with boiling water “expressed”. Your fresh and individual dumplings on hot water swimming soon through the nozzle ring and periodic press. Now just skim and can already enjoy.

The “spatzle” shaker is not only an easy way to homemade Spatzli or Knopfle. In addition, he can also your kitchen appliances shine longer. Because you needed always lots of accessories for making Spatzle. A mixing bowl together with the spoon and the good old “spatzle” planing. You don’t need all these tools now. The used plastic contains no plasticizers and can be cleaned after recently cleaning in the dishwasher. Mother and son had the idea to this marvel of the kitchen appliances Swabia come and like to eat dumplings for your life. In three years working dough cost much sweat and Spatzle, the inventor duo brought the revolutionary “spatzle” Shaker on the way. Now is to prepare Shaker on the way in many household joy when cooking the dumplings and to fill many hungry stomachs with delicious dumplings. Get more info on the “spatzle” Shaker and can be ordered directly at Company Description is your online shipper for goods of all kinds for low prices. PR contact: Fishbull GmbH Dirk Oppel Otto-Bergner-Strasse 30 96515 Sonneberg Tel: 0049 (0) 3675 / 7578-580 E-Mail: Web:


Nuka Cola classic progress meets naturalness may a certain secrecy have been once attached, as the first soda producers wanted to protect her drink from imitators: Nuka-Cola doesn’t need to hide! Because the recipe, which evokes its incomparable taste, can be described without exaggeration as food technical quantum leap! “Okay, say of course not so refined and modern soft drink without traditional ingredients such as carbonic acid, sugar, caffeine, etc. comes from but Nuka-Cola launches his innovations there, where other is Cola” scolding cheap brands already finish their ingredient list… Verizon Communications is the source for more interesting facts. You know the makeshift seasoned cherry “-, vanilla”- and otherwise Limo versions from the discount store around the corner? Then know this subliminal bad conscience, to consume something refreshing, that maybe in the short term, the palate delighted, but ultimately it purely artificial pimped, is so unhealthy! Nuka-Cola presented you, however Lemonade generation of the 21st century: finally refreshing & fun without remorse, without unreasonable artificial additives and with the best taste! Ingredients water, carbonic acid, dye 150 d sulphite ammonia caramel, sugar, Acidifier phosphoric acid, 338, aroma: caffeine, natural flavour. Nutrition and burning value per 100 ml calorific value: 185 kJ/43.5 kcal, protein: < 0, 1 g, carbohydrates: 10 9 g, FAT: < 0, 1 g. To broaden your perception, visit E Scott Mead.

Niederegger Kaufhof

Secret for the meltdown on the tongue is the manufacturing process, in which first the roasted and ground hazelnuts refined it with cocoa butter, and other ingredients. The resulting mass is kneaded thoroughly before she finally gets guaranteed the coveted enamel the fine rolls of the Nougatmasse in the rolling mill. Nougat is there now in a variety of flavors: as light cream-nougat or with fine Mandelspilttern. Currently in the trend: nougat with a fine tart cocoa touch. About the CdC of the Club of the confectioners is a joint initiative of the confectionery retailer and premium supplier like for example Galeria, confectioners Hussel, Hachez, Heilemann, Lindt and Niederegger Kaufhof. The members are looking for ways to make the benefits of trade and to encourage more consumers to purchase in stores and departments. The centerpiece of the package is the seal of approval of the CdC: this should point the way in the stores consumers in the future. Highlight of each year is the opening of the confectionery season with the tag of the chocolate of the CdC.” CdC chocolate Knigge: So man gives away chocolate right women love herb, men fruity delight doubled when you share it.

That makes one of the most popular gifts chocolate: according to the CdC design study * give 96 percent of the population of confectionery products. But what etiquette rules actually apply this indulgence gift? It is important to think about age and gender of the recipient. While women of creations with Mediterranean herbs such as Sage or lavender, men are rather weak in fruity oranges or blueberries. Young and exotic, mature and classic at the same time the experimentation decreases slightly with age. Chocolate’s friends to the thirty love of new releases surprise, favour that over fifty years the tried and tested classics especially dark varieties, but also chocolates and marzipan.

The question remains: How can I tell if a high-quality product? A tip: homogeneous color and smooth texture of chocolate are important. Breaking the table, creates a smooth break line, which features fine products. Testing is permitted: in each Retailers can try the chocolate fan boards & co. also advance. So chocolate tastes long good chocolate should be kept generally dry and dark as possible. Definitely not, she should be stored in the refrigerator. The optimum temperature is between 14 and 18 C. So she accepts no foreign odors and the aroma is long maintained, chocolate should be kept always airtight, E.g. wrapped in aluminum foil. Chocolate ala carte another tip of the confectionery experts: who would like to provide for a bit of variety on the menu, can surprise his loved ones with a chocolate menu. For the recipes suggest cooking experts on the use of high-quality noble cocoa chocolate with a cocoa content between 55 and 70 percent. Premium chocolatiers particularly appreciate this fine varieties and refine their taste through careful roasting and careful Conchierung. The beneficial effects of chocolate on soul and body with light and healthy supplements such as colorful salads and crusty baguette is wonderful enjoy.

Chili: The Rabble-rouser Popular For Millennia

Chili is one of the most popular spices. Where does chili? Where is he popular and what chilli varieties with which sharpness is there? Chili, that since spice where dates back thousands of years popular rabble-rouser he made the chili? Chili is a spice known for millennia. From South America originating the chili spread after the discovery of America all over the world. First in Asia–especially India become popular, the sharp spice came much later to Europe. In Europe, the chili then “defused” by breeding and created so the peppers out of it. What types are there? There are dozens varieties of Chili, which differ in taste, colour and sharpness.

Dried chili is used to flavor food and is popular especially in South American and Asian cuisine. Also Mediterranean dishes are often flavoured with chili. To broaden your perception, visit bitcoiin. The spice mixtures of Harissa, which includes chili is very popular in North Africa. Why is chili sharp and how to measure sharpness? Chili contains capsaicin, that he his Sharpness gives. If more capsaicin, chili is sharper. The severity specified in Scoville units (SCU).

So, mild, similar to paprika Chili with 1 or 2 SCU is provided, while the Mexican Ancho chili approximately measures 3 SCU. Sharp chili varieties such as Bird Eye or Habanero can contain Schonmal 9 or 10 Scoville, what can be even harmful use. The burning hell, hottest chili in the world is the Indian BiH jolokia chili. How and where will the commercial chili offered chili ground powder used in ground form with or without cores or as a whole pod. Also like thin strips of chili or rings are offered. Chili is available in the supermarket often only as a powder, which has a medium sharpness. In the trade for spices, there are many imported cultivars with high quality. In a special spices online shop you can buy often dozens varieties of chili. Online, you can get also the very sharp chilli BiH jolokia and habanero. By the way: When Bread or milk helps biting sharpness in the mouth. Water rather compounded the pain. David Schmidt

Larger, More Comfortable And Fresh

vivamangiare opens new waves food restaurant Cologne, October 30, 2008 the vivamangiare shaft food GmbH is expanding. After the official end of the pilot phase, the Cologne-based company opened a new wave food restaurant in Park Office TRIO TOP in Koln Vogelsang on November 3. It is also planned to open a further vivamangiare site of the Cologne TechnologiePark in spring next year. From May 2007 to summer 2008 vivamangiare holding already a pilot store motto Wellfood instead of fast food”in the city of Cologne. What began as an idea, has been professionally developed and is now in the new wave food restaurant to implement. vivamangiare Wellfood concept supports the action plan fit instead of fat “of the Federal Government. During the test phase, we realized very quickly our concept has what strengths and weaknesses”, as Ulrich Overdiek, Managing Director of the company.

So decided the company to include the pilot site, the experiences of the testing phase in new premises to be able to optimally implement. The new Aquarius 31 rooms offer ideal conditions for the implementation of our waves food concept. Located in the brand new Office Center TRIO TOP in Koln Vogelsang. One of our most important target groups of business people who want to have a little time, but healthy and consciously eats is so common in the immediate vicinity. The new restaurant is also greater than the first, more comfortable for our guests and the food on offer is extensive,”said Ochieng. As also at the pilot store, healthy snacks and light dishes in accordance with the guidelines of the German society for nutrition (DGE) in the offer are at the new vivamangiare Wellfood restaurant. But here, too, things have changed.

In addition to soups, wraps, meat and fish dishes, there are also vegetarian dishes and salads. It also a fresh counter with an offer for the first time after DGE, but sorted according to the carbohydrate content of the respective dishes, characterized by the new GI vivamangiare traffic light colours Green, yellow and red. GI stands for the glycemic index. This indicates how much a carbohydrate-containing foods increase blood glucose levels can be and thus induces the secretion of the fattening hormone insulin. Thus we implement a so far unique restaurant concept in Germany, where consumers specifically carbohydrate can a diet low in Dietetics by the GI -, GLYX – or LowCarb -. “Vivamangiare are all food and beverages color-coded it is green for low-carbohydrate foods and drinks with low GI, yellow for dishes with medium GI or red for carbohydrate-rich foods with a high GI”, so Overdiek. Also new at vivamangiare: the dishes are freshly prepared. In the first vivamangiare restaurant were mainly packaged snacks and dishes on offer. Who should have it once in a hurry but during his short lunch break, can take with of course immediately packed the selected snack or soup.