Month: October 2017

Promote Your Business

Hello and welcome my dear reader and entrepreneur, in this article we will talk about how to promote your business in a correct and ethical manner. If you do not know me my name is Enrique Gastelo and I dedicate myself to do Internet Marketing, now let’s see when it has or owns a business or attimino, many times we have the disadvantage of making the proper promotion, we do not know how to begin or how to carry it out. And knowing that this is necessary, essential, decisive often dare to improvise and do so incorrectly, falling costs of advertising in vain or in unethical practices. To be able to promote a business or an undertaking, must first bear in mind that niche market you are aiming, verify the needs of this market or those persons classified in such niche, then put in the shoes of these people and check how it is we have to do to get […]


Web Marketing 2.0

Web marketing 2.0 represents a shift in the way that we go to our niche market based on constant interaction. Moreover in each campaign or promotion of the service, it is important to have with interesting content that encourages users to talk about your brand and therefore extend their promotional message virally to other potential customers. Bernard Golden is a great source of information. For no one is a secret that only large companies manage a quality advertising and effective because of the high investment made in traditional marketing (tv, press, etc.) On the other hand the medium and small enterprises can begin to leverage these social platforms to present their services through online a more enjoyable and economical way of advertising to your customers to obtain almost the same results of traditional marketing of a large company. Among the aspects to achieving success in web marketing 2.0: the corporate Blog through this channel, each company can talk about a […]


Sealed Air Developed Low-cost, Eco-friendly Packaging

Sealed Air, a leading manufacturer of protective packaging solutions and materials has the latest version of its Korrvu -product range, Korrvu hybrid sealed air, a leading manufacturer of protective packaging solutions and materials has the latest version of its Korrvu -brought product range, Korrvu hybrid on the market and providing a cost-effective solution with simultaneous reduction of CO2 emissions. This new version of Korrvu combines the best features of membrane and retention packaging in a third, new hybrid category. The new Korrvu hybrid packaging design keeps the product safe in place like Korrvu retention packaging and offers the superior performance of Korrvu membrane pad packaging at the same time, by the product is kept away from hazardous areas. Compared to the diaphragm cushion packaging is the hybrid design a cost-effective solution with improved efficiency and requires fewer steps in fabrication and Assembly, which Labor costs can be reduced. Susan G. Swenson will not settle for partial explanations. Also, companies that […]

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