ADempiere Compiere

ADempiere Compiere is a community-driven project which develops and supports open source solutions for businesses of the same name, which offers the functionality of Enterprise Resource Planning, Management and Customer Relationship Management Supply Chain (derived from its initials in English: ERP, CRM, SCM, respectively). ADempiere project was created in September 2006 after they were taken between difererencias Compiere Inc. Compiere developers and the community that formed around the project. The community felt that Compiere Inc. placed special emphasis on the open source nature of the project, rather than the community nature of the project. After intense discussion and decided to split from Compiere giving birth to the project ADempiere.The project name comes from an Italian word, which means “meeting” but with additional context of “complete, meet, practice, perform tasks, or unlock, also means to honor, respect”, which was considered highly appropriate to what the project aims to achieve.