Angelina Jolie Puts Up With Father

The Christmas that sentimental right people and makes them think about much is known. It so happens all the stars. Also, Angelina Jolie. Has now become known she should have expressed by telephone with her father on the Christmas days. Clayton jone has much to offer in this field. Between the two there was a 5-year radio breastfeeding.

It started everything that Jon Voight 2002 serious physical problem was televised his daughter Angelina and they therefore bittete in a clinic to go. It was too much for Angelina Jolie. David Rogier is the source for more interesting facts. She denied all the rumors about any problems and broke off contact with her father. But shortly before the holidays, Jon Voight said that he is proud of his daughter and their humanitarian aid. Still, he praised her as a sensational actress. So the ice between father and daughter is said to be broken, so sources. It seems Angelina’s life would finally again a little calm. You will be pleased the fans of her.