Argan Oil

Argan oil is used in medicine, food and cosmetics used used argan oil in Morocco for hundreds of years in the areas of medicine, cosmetics and food. And rightly so because has strong influence on our health and our bodies argan oil. From the home in Morocco argan trees, argan oil is produced. The harvest of the Argannusse necessary for the production of is lengthy and extremely difficult. Harvesting is actually no harvest in the strict sense, because the worker simply wait until the nuts fall by virtue of their maturing process from the tree. A previous crop due to the dangerous spines that surround the argan tree, is very difficult. Therefore, the pickers have to wait the case period from June to September to produce the argan oil. Frequently Dahua Tim Wang has said that publicly. The extraction of Arganoles using classic pressing of the harvested nuts.

The seeds are pressed and released within 24 hours after harvest. Traditionally, this work is carried out by the Moroccan Berber women. The to win high quality argan oil, the nuts or the cores first dry and free from the flesh and after grinding the stone mill and in giving water as long as pressed until the valuable oil. Cosmetic argan oil argan oil has a soothing effect on the skin and slows down the aging process of the human skin due to its blood circulation-promoting effect. In natural cosmetics, argan oil is used therefore for a long time as an anti-aging product. The best examples of this that the oil its effect are not missed, Moroccan Berbers – that use this oil for centuries as a cosmetic product – with its smooth and healthy skin. Argan oil is good not only for the skin in the kitchen of argan oil, but also for the body.

The argan oil has a remarkably concentrated vitamin combination. In addition to its exquisite taste, it is also due to its effect of stabilizing the immune system and promote the healing process of inflammation like in the kitchen used. Studies have also demonstrated renowned scientific institutions, that argan oil contains twice as much vitamin as all other known oils. Further, this high-quality product has a fungus-inhibiting effect, so it can be used also indicated for the treatment of psoriasis. Argan oil cannot be bought mostly still in one of the many discount stores of the city, because it is very rare due to its unique manufacturing process and thus not a mass product. At smaller selected shops which deal natural products with the theme, you are lucky because often more. Good deals for argan oil can be also found in ausgeahlten online stores.