Armed Forces

The question becomes more excellent if to evidence that, in the majority of the referring quarrels and questionings to the Armed Forces, what is observed, in fact, unfamiliarity and arraigado preconception is accented, demanding, of our part, the development of actions adjusted in the area of social communication. The gotten success will be able, among others resulted, to directly influence the allocation of essential budgetary resources to the conduction and operation of the Armed Forces. Irreproachable the personal behavior and the lhaneza of treatment configure the classic image of the Armed Forces, of north the south of the country. It fits to each one to watch over for the maintenance of this image. In particular, when serving outside of headquarters, the integration with the local society, without never confusing personal relationship with service subjects, must guide the behavior of officers and squares. The norms to follow will have to all mark out with buoys the behavior of the staff of the Armed Forces, but, in special, of those serving in organizations that keep direct contact with the public.

The image is preponderant factor in the architecture of the relations human beings and, as any Institution, the Armed Forces of it depends more easily to reach significant part of its objectives. Since immemorial times, the survival of the collectives was associated with the guarantee of protection against enemies. In the measure where if it started to organize charged groups to take care of of the defense, it was if developing in the societies the perception on that the survival depended on the gotten success for that they fought. For result, throughout the time, the imaginary one of the peoples started to associate the Armed Forces with the idea of ' ' last instance of nao' ' , particularly because, in the majority of the cases, they had participated of the initial process of formation or release of the native land.