Comedykellner Table

Fun at the table or at the reception of the guests Comedykellner a Comedykellner has a fake waiter who entertains his audience at the table with gags and small charms. This the Comedykellner will serve the restaurant together initially covered with service personnel and only so gradually becomes apparent that this false waiter is a Comedykellner. The guests in a restaurant of well trained service staff at the table are served everywhere throughout the country. Everyone knows about waiters and waitresses from daily life. When one thinks of a waiter, so you have a clear idea how the cellars of the waiter will expire.

There is also another form of the waiter. More and more the trend it says to insert a Comedykellner at the table, who spread fun and good humor. Nothing is predictable when a Comedykellner on the table appears. He brings his jokes and his feats depending on the situation and from case to case different. This respects the Comedykellner of course scrupulously sure whether guests use a napkin or whether the tie also is properly bound.

A Comedykellner creates as a cheerful entry in the table and the guests on his show are confronted with all kinds of fun and fuss at the table. This moves the Comedykellner from table to table and can entertain well so a larger society without that he noticed from the beginning. The Comedykellner operates initially undetected along with the remaining staff and revealed only in the course of the meal that he is a bad waiter. All of this is independent of technology or other electronic means directly under the eyes of the schmunzelnden guests of the restaurant. The Comedykellner is suitable as a entertainment point at company parties, birthdays, wedding, fair, open house reception animation or when an opening or opening ceremony.