Crossbar Streets

In the principle it was the Verb and the Verb was with God and the Verb was God. Joo 1:10 the Verb was in the world, the world was made by intermediary ' ' Of it ' ' . The Verb means the word. Gnesis, Chapter 1:3. God said: he has light. had light. Let us start this article for investigating ' ' Genese' ' described in the bible. The verbs are defined traditionally as the words that indicate action, state or phenomenon of the nature, used also to bind subject to the preached o.

We can compare the Biblical verb what the philosopher of the century XVII Spinoza flame of power to act, God for Spinoza is the infinite substance that manifest its essence through infinite attributes and qualities. The attributes must separately be understood, one never depend on the other, even so all depend on the substance, that is, each express attribute one has left different and invariant of God. Logus or verb in Greek initially means word, to put for the Greek philosophers as Heraclitus, logus starts to be a philosophical concept of Reason that is deliberate form to think rationally of the individual or I begin of divine ordinance of all. Both the thinkers each one to its time have a definition of God, and as It is infinite and First cause of everything and all we will continue in this vain attempt to conceive the inconceivable one, to put if we are according to Greek part of the all that is God, we will also conceive It in parts or according to individuality of each one. All the beings created by God had been endowed with this power to act, to put to the human beings were given this power to act, deliberately or rationally different of the animals that this power has to act instinctively.