Have you ever wanted to visit the country of mountain rivers, medieval castles and incredible beauty of nature? Or maybe, being a lover of outdoor activities, you would like to visit a ski resort, where reasonably match the price, and quality? In both cases, the rest in Slovakia you surely will like. In the minds of the layman, Slovakia is still associated with the once-existing Czechoslovakia. But times have changed and, therefore, so does the appearance of country. Harmonize with the European innovation and Slavic traditions. They, of course, do not leave indifferent man who opens himself to Slovakia.

In every part of Slovakia, you will have the opportunity to choose gift. For example, gifts, souvenirs of Bojnicky castle. The castle itself is a unique architectural monument. It is built on a hill and surrounded by a magnificent pond in which they live scores of white swans. Indulge dainty winged inhabitants of the pond is a snap – a special food for sale close to the castle. Here you will find many statues of swans made of various materials. A couple of crystal swans can be a great gift for newlyweds or friends on their wedding anniversary. In addition, during a visit to the castle you will tell Bojnicky compelling story about ghosts who inhabit it.

In order to legend remembered You can buy the book, “documenting” the incident at the castle. Interlocking meeting legends published in English, so will be useful gift for those who study it. Do not forget to visit one of the oldest Slovak towns. Cobbled streets, small buildings, bizarre lights will certainly help you to tune in romance. As a gift, you can buy home linen tablecloth or a nice bowl. Purchase at the same time and a cookbook reveals the secrets of Slovak cuisine! With such a set of “culinary things” you can easily arrange a dinner in the Slovak style. Speaking of yummy! Not excusable, visited Slovakia, did not bother to bring one or two bottle “Becherovka”. Although the drink and has Czech roots, however, is popular, like the Slovaks, and tourists. A gentle herbal flavor liqueur will warm you dank autumn evening. It has long been known healing properties of the golden beverage. Invented infusion pharmacist Josef Becher, and this glorified his name. Usually, the tincture is made for a dinner or a used late in the evening. Very popular cocktail called “Concrete”, a mixture of “Becherovka” and tonic. Often, feelings of completeness there is also added a slice of lemon and ice. Just do not confuse the “concrete” from being sold in kiosks, “Gin & Tonic.” However, having tried, understand themselves: a comparison of these two straight after drinks … blasphemous:) Slovakia – a wonderful and at the same time, quite ordinary. Perhaps you will not find here what you do not know. But as surprised to discover anew what seemed to be know could not get out again!