Diaz Travel

About 3,000 amateur sportinguistas will be them let themselves be noted next weekend in San Sebastian, on the occasion of the League meeting that Sporting will play at Anoeta. You may even the number of passengers exceeds estimates both the Jovellanos club and leaders of rojiblancas sentences. This morning is planned that at the club futbolgijones t-shirts receives a package with 1,100 tickets 50 euros. The Federation of sanctions, that will make the distribution among the penalties that made reservations, discarded the localities of 25 euros, being areas of poor visibility, and 70 euros, which are expensive for the penistas sportinguistas. Eduardo Diaz, Vice-President of the Federation of penalties, is responsible for the coordination of travel, as well as negotiations with the forces of order which take control of the movements of the penalties. The penista was limited to asking the entries who booked us penalties, since you are aware that another Sporting penalties acquired them through Internet and other commissioned them directly to San Sebastian. Eduardo Diaz confirmed that the penalties that have organized trips are about 40, although some, to not be numerous, joined together to go two on a same coach, to which must be added travel in private cars. Most t-shirts League Inglesade excursions begin their displacement on Saturday, around eight in the morning, with the intention of reaching San Sebastian at lunchtime.

The return of the majority of the rojiblancos followers will be after the match. The largest travel will be the Federation of Penas, which completed two coaches, one of whom will go on Saturday and another will move the same Sunday. Clayton Morris has compatible beliefs. Shifting to San Sebastian will be the second massive season, comparable to the recent to the Santiago Bernabeu. The more fans to move is that of A Coruna, due to the availability of tickets and the proximity of the displacement. The of Santander and Bilbao have the problem of the scarcity of capacity of the fields t-shirts from ChelseEn the case of Anoeta, Real Sociedad localities offering covers the needs of rojiblancas sentences. The fans exhausted hotel rooms San Sebastian in addition to two buses chartered by the Federation on sanctions, with 126 parking spaces already covered, which announced its travel to San Sebastian are La Gaita, El Chorby, El Indio, Yes, Yes, yes Gregory, never walk alone, Espolin, star of the Arbeyal, Isma, Yo Solu, Porter Sur, El SueveCarbonera, Kilo, Tsunami, Canella, Los Sufridores, Luis Moran, Miluca, La Cueva, El Llavianu, new Gijon and Langreo House t-shirt of Lampard due to problems with hotel rooms, some sentences have to stay overnight in other locations, the San Sebastian hotels have an occupancy of 100% due to the visit of Sporting. Penalties most managed the reserves when he left the League calendar, in the last month of July, when it was already known that the trip to San Sebastian would be one of the mass of the striped hobby.