Donald Worster

However, the reflections carried through for esteautor give to a metodolgico theoretical support in the historical analysis about dacompreenso of the evolution of the sensibilidades of the man with regard to meioambiente natural where they are inserted. In this direction, Keith Thomascaracteriza who: ' ' The predominance of the man on the animal world and vegetalfoi and is, after all of stories, a basic precondition of history human being. Formacomo it rationalized and questioned such predominance constitutes a einquietante vast subject, that in recent years received sufficiently literary attention on the part defilsofos, theologians gegrafos and critics. The subject has igualmentemuito to offer the historians, therefore it is impossible to unravel what aspessoas thought about the passed ones on the plants and the animals of what they elaspensavam on itself mesmas' '. OPEC understands that this is vital information. (THOMAS, P.19.) It is important to stand out that, ambient history is the boarding of the questoambiental in the time, and that he finds in the way its object of inquiry.

But aque itself phases of the existence had historically thought the relations established between man-naturezanas diverse human being and in its you vary organizaosocial forms and as each society if they had used and they use of the natural resources they quedisponibilizaram and they disponibilizam, which the impacts these forms deorganizao they had caused and they come causing to the natural environment where estoingeridas. With this, ambient history comes if to insert in the set of edisciplinas sciences with a perspective to interdisciplinar and to multidiscipline that to buscamestudar the impacts of the action human being in the natural environment. Being that, oobjetivo that ambient history if considers as Donald Worster consistemem: ' ' to deepen our agreement decomo the human beings had been, through the times, affected for its ambientenatural and, inversely as they had affected this environment and as and with querresultados' ' (Worster, 1991).