Draw Graffiti Art

His appearance art paint the walls and other surfaces required a teenager named Demetrios. In the late '60s he began to show no street walls and subway stations in the creative alias TAKI. Slightly later to write the guy a nickname gained his street number – 183. When unusual signs began to appear around Manhattan, they saw other teens and began to withdraw their names. And since everyone wanted to stand out from the total weight, then the walls began to appear whole compositions, some were more like works of art. So there was graffiti – a new direction of creativity Hip-Hop culture.

Now, let's find out how learn how to draw graffiti and what it takes. Before running into the courtyard and spray paint spray in a radius of ten meters, should prepare a so-called "sketch". This is a sketch of what you intend to portray wall. Draw a sketch of a beautiful and flavorful – not so simple as it may seem at first glance. Especially, if you make only the first steps in graffiti.

When the design is ready, he transferred to the wall. Interestingly, the often sketch itself may be different from the picture on the wall. Many writers (this is referred to those who draw graffiti) generally ignore the sketches, but the newcomers still would have been better to begin with sketching. Later, when you "Nabete" hand, you can begin to implement their creative ideas without drafts. Draw sketches can be pencils, just in the course are gel or ballpoint pens, markers, crayons, etc. It is preferable in this If thick paper, the size of which is dependent on your final idea. No need to hurry while drawing, it is better to take the first pencil and apply light strokes, so you can adjust something. Then outline the handle anything that drew an eraser and erase the pencil strokes.