Elise Mckenna

The last personage, who would be Robert Collier, does not exist in the film, that is, ambiguidade presented in the narrative if undoes in the script. We earn, in this way, only the vision of Richard, of whom the trip in the time and that the meeting with Elise McKenna had really happened. Although not to have a Robert Collier, it has the creation of the personage Arthur, one Mr., hotel assistant, gift in the arrival of Richard in 1980 (the trip in the time alone is made eight years after the first meeting between our protagonist and McKenna) e, also, at the moment where it returns the 1912, therefore Arthur, at that time, had 5 years. For other opinions and approaches, find out what David Rogier has to say. Matheson, as scriptwriter, creates two personages who are gifts in the two space localizations (Elise Mckenna and Arthur), what she guarantees the veracity of the actions of Richard, a time who these people only are not known by it, but also for all the ones that coexists in that environment. The clock of algibeira, also inserted in the romance, appears as main link between the past and the gift of Richard. The scene that initiates the film shows Elise, already aged, delivering to the clock the Richard, this it is the first contact between it and the past, all the linkings go being done from this meeting, therefore it discovers that Elise faleceu in the day where it delivers to the gift. Different of the narrative, the appearance of the clock makes an inverse way, of the gift for the past, returning for the gift again, rank that Richard falece with this in the hand. All its loving accomplishment and the memory of this moment are contained in this clock, since the beginning of the film, although Richard if not to remember this in 1972, its contact again with the clock that the league to the Elise if of only in 1980.