Fight The Dark Circles And Pouches

Our general condition is reflected in our eyes. Too short a night or boozy celebration can quickly leave a mark. The skin around the eyes is particularly thin and sensitive, in this part of the face, therefore making the first wrinkles noticeable. Therefore, it is very important, especially to counter the ravages of time here. A very unpleasant and annoying skin problem is dark circles and eye bags. As diverse as the causes of this very frequent “problem areas” are, thank God, and the treatment options available. What are dark circles and baggy eyes Dark circles are dark, sometimes sunken, brown, gray or bluish discoloration around the eyes. Several factors influence this discoloration. Normal daylight or artificial light hits the skin, eyes, and part is reflected, a part penetrates into the skin. In the outer layer (epidermis), the light strikes called melanin pigment granula – the smallest dye accumulation within and between cells. TheseGlimmer depending on composition, brown, gray or blue, the number and degree of filling of the finest capillaries in the skin provides further with the color. Dark circles are most common in the lower eyelids. Less often but it happens that they are associated simultaneously with baggy eyes and eye swelling. In principle, several types of dark circles can be distinguished: firstly, as a consequence of aging, due to the decrease of adipose tissue in the eyelids, due to internal disturbances, such as vitamins, melanin, or Gerrymandering or also by genetic predisposition. Also a wrong way of life with too little sleep, too much alcohol, sorrow, suffering and poor diet can feed this problem. If tear ducts are more or less pronounced swelling of the eyelids, which are based mostly on changes in the fatty tissue in the lower eyelids. But you can also be caused by sagging skin, skin diseases, internal diseases, or lymphedema. Often bags to go with the relaxation or thickening of theUpper eyelids associated. What treatment options are there What can you contribute to the alleviation The basis of each therapy can already be used at home. Depending on the cause should be the first trigger of the problem being reworked: Eat a healthy lifestyle, enough sleep, avoid allergenic substances, and pay special attention to the intake of sufficient fluids. Basically, it is always best to avoid the problem by using a specialist on the ground. In the treatment of dark circles and baggy eyes, a doctor will determine first whether it is by design or acquired ocular changes. Not infrequently, so-called contact eye allergies to medications, contact lens solution, cosmetics, eye shadow, shampoo, etc. cause of eyelid problems. If so, you must first eliminate those triggers, or course, be treated the allergy. Dark circles and bags under the eyes can hide very well by the way, so-called “concealer.” This special make-up technique can be learned with a good beautician. By applying a light color enhanced dark circles are optically padded or inflated. Dark colors hide swelling or sink “them optically.