Healthy Eating Little Fruit

At the dawn of mankind the fig leaf for Adam and Eve took to cover the sexual parts of an important role nowadays there are no fig leaves, but the fruit itself, which not only represent a very popular, but a very valuable fruit. The consumption Got Buy it used mainly dried figs, the figs are now available almost year-round. However, they have their season from summer to autumn. During this time, tasted the most fruits deep violet, which primarily are available from us, clearly the best. Figs, kiwi spoon, as you can eat an apple, as well as confidently in their skins. Even for salads, for dessert, or even grilled taste, combined with a little feta cheese to extremely delicious. Fresh or dried Fresh figs are purchased only a few days in the refrigerator. They are usually picked ripe, because they rarely ripen up, and therefore should not be consumed after making a purchase as soon as possible. Fruits that are more durable, have beenusually unnecessary treatment. As an alternative to the fresh figs, you can enjoy the dried fruit. Enter from 6-times more energy than fresh figs, because they barely contain water, increase the vitamins A and B are around three times and they taste due to the higher fruit sugar content, sweeter than the fresh. It is recommended that more time for dried figs and chocolates, candies and Co to take hold. Caution should be exercised when buying dried figs. Unfortunately, quite often they are treated chemically sulphurised like. Therefore recommended the purchase of untreated fruit in the health food store. Fresh figs and effective ingredients consist of more than 80% water. Minerals such as potassium, magnesium, phosphorus and iron are also plentiful, but the vitamin C content in figs is very low, not present in dried figs. Unlike dried figs, fresh fruits are low in calories with 62 calories per 100g, beating the dried after all with just 274 calories per 100g of beech. Calculated on the playare the calories in a fresh fruit only scarce 10th The fruits of work due to the high fiber content and the high proportion of fructose mild laxative for constipation and are therefore likely to positively influence digestion. As early as 2 to 3 fresh fruits are a very natural and pleasant tasting laxative. Dried fruits contain as mentioned in more fruit and stimulate the digestive system, therefore even stronger. To achieve the desired effect, you should additionally take increasingly fluid. Dried figs may also alleviate cough discomfort by being attached to one coughing. The tea is sweetened slightly and thus saves you from adding sugar. Cowardly act because of the relatively high magnesium content also Reduces stress and revitalize our circuit. They also help with fatigue and lack of drive and enhance concentration. Therefore, it should provide in the office as a snack or our children to learn in between one or more of figs.