Two young women and the old theme of death the company conVela culture of remembrance remembrance jewelry and grave side dishes offered and discovered the banality of death by the way. The young founders of Juliane Uhl and Stefanie often Geffarth can well live to deal constantly with the dying. In all newspapers and magazines, reports and films, the subject of death was found in November. It goes to funeral expenses, problems of anonymous burials and the testimony of a society that meets them in (not) dealing with their dead. Be heard funeral home, chaplain, Hospice staff and psychologists; the experts are those who deal daily with the parties concerned. ConVela thinks the young company: the Enttabuisierung of the theme of death can not only there take place where directly helping those affected.

When talking about the death at the same time with the thoughts of a forthcoming or the own funeral and the charge to the company is connected, not good to deal enough with the own dead, a discussion is rather tough, dead. What it takes is vibrancy in death”says Juliane Uhl. And to generate this vitality through open discussions, through honest words, which are exempt from poetic images and the pressures of political correctness. Juliane Uhl and Stefanie Hanswille Geffarth, who founded the company conVela culture of remembrance in the summer of 2011, started with the idea to create something for the survivors. Memorabilia, modern grave goods, and new places of remembrance, which can take some of their horror of nameless burial are created.

Jewelry that is marked with the handwriting of the deceased and finds its place after the period of mourning in a dwelling, expresses the sadness and allows the bereaved to complete. From the initial ideas a vision of cultural memory is now to the material design, which daily feeds. Everyone has something to the topic of death to say everyone has fears and desires when it comes to your own death or a close family member. The interaction of an artist with experience in marketing and a strong contact sociologist is a dynamic and modern company structure with a fixed base. Will communicate this on all channels: relevant topics will be published on Facebook and discussed in a blog, there are opinions to articles about the life and death soon, articles are written, the Partnerakquise takes place to a large extent on the XING network. At conVela, not just pieces of jewelry are sold, because society is discussed, since culture is thought. Juliane Uhl (conVela GbR)