Georgi Lozanov

Finally stopped talking for a moment. But they had not finished yet since missing the evaluation. At this point students were more calm since during the session they had calmed his anxieties and fears, all had the secret hope of overcoming the examination with acceptable rating. Finally the teacher delivered the results of the experiment: taking advantage of the class average is ninety percent!! They learned a thousand words a day!! Learn that amount of words in a day is equivalent to knowing half of the practical vocabulary of a language in just few hours; and without the minor effort. Everyone left happy experience and thinking that they had grown a meter, to have attended to a momentous meeting and have known of extra-dimensional beings who themselves were. With this, the researcher Georgi Lozanov, discoverer and scholar of suggestopedia techniques, was able to demonstrate the ability to learn and remember that it has the human mind, is almost limitless and this is to exploit the reserves of mind people who have experienced it say it makes them feel that have inherited a great legacy. See themselves in a different and better way.

This type of quick learning is useful for assimilating any type of practical information: learning of the hemisphere left but always accompanied and harmonized with the right hemisphere and the person’s body ability is. Everyone is providing mutual support in a concerted manner. This is the essence of the holistic learning system. This system also serves both as to stress in any business meeting, as to Excel in any sport court. Also You can use to develop chess and other games. For further details and information you can contact francislearn09@gmail. com !!! Last minute: do wants you more information about this way of this revolutionary way of learning?… will be them sent, free of charge, a weekly newsletter, enrolling in the francislearn09@gmail mail. com Keywords: assessment, techniques, method, motivation, learn the author is Professor titled at the University of Concepcion, with dimension technologies. Today is dedicated to advising groups in the field of pure technology and education.