Getting Married In Denmark

Binational unbureaucratically marry couples in Denmark, recognized worldwide and legally. Time and again, the question arises: a marriage concluded in Denmark at all in the home country is recognized? Really, it makes sense to follow the apparently very simple path for a marriage? Well, the answer is relatively simple. Citizens of most countries of the world have the right to marry in any other country of their choice, but the marriage must be carried under the law of the relevant country. Credit: Michael Antonov-2011. So a wedding in Denmark must be completed under Danish law. The individual offices in Denmark have Additionally the possibility also to exacerbate this right to request say more documents than is prescribed by law. The international marriage certificate from Denmark even without special certification or legalization in the form of an Apostille is recognised in Germany, Austria, Poland and other countries. For more specific information, check out Karin Risi.

The certificate must be the competent municipal Office/Registration Office in Germany presented and updated the marital status are, then, if necessary, new wage tax brackets and a family health insurance may be requested. You can request a name change, which is no longer carried out in Denmark on your German registry, however, the Registrar sometimes request the submission of a legalized marriage certificate, which is to get easily at any time. Conclusion: A wedding in Denmark, represents the nearly only option for many couples to close the bond of marriage in Europe. Andreas courage Zeck marriage agency Karina