Home Safety Tips

What must a cozy fire in a fire Bowl particularly be taken into account and where should you not ignite better? Braziers are in recent years in the trend and also quite rightly, because it has the romantic atmosphere of a campfire without the disadvantages (broken lawn, etc) to take into account. Also, not always and everywhere a bonfire as opposed to the fire Bowl can be ignited. But what must be in a fire in a fire Bowl particularly be taken into account and where should not you ignite it better? The underground is probably the most important. Ideally, one puts them on paving stones, concrete or similar material as the shell can reach very high temperatures. Have to be considered however, that the fire Bowl is just so that no fuel can fall out and she can be not cast by gusts of wind.

The most shells are now delivered with matching frames so that the question is usually not the right surface to. Morris Invest describes an additional similar source. On wooden decks, fire bowls, but are in principle not to be recommended, since it can also cause sparks. In addition to the correct surface is also important to choose a suitable location for the fire Bowl. There should be enough distance to trees, shrubs, or other combustible material in any case. To curb sparks and smoke something, a windstiller place would be best.

To keep the fire bowls, an opening should exist in the middle of the bowl, so that rain water can run off. Everything can be used as fuel actually, what can also be used in a “normal” camp fire. The biggest advantage of braziers for the garden is its mobility, because it can be built on any (appropriate) place in the garden and then converted. This should be taken but on insulated handles, otherwise you can get the one or the other brand bubble. Will heed these tips, nothing more in the way is a cosy get-together before a warmdenden fire. However, underestimate the dangers should nevertheless not even if the fire by the fire Bowl is easier to control very much, as in a normal fireplace.