Humanitarian Lawyers

In 25 of April of 2003 the Association of the Humanitarian Lawyers made a spreading to the press where it questioned the use of weapons of Uranian reduced in the first Gulf War. But all the consideraes that they had presented are equally valid for the confitos as of the Bsnia, Kosovo, Chechnia, Afghanistan and Second War of the Golfo.Eles they had started this spreading to the press calling the attention for the systematic destruction of civil infrastructure, as public hospitals and agencies that store given relative to the health of the civil population. They question the fact of that these systematic destructions can be deliberated, to make it difficult the access the data that in the long run confirm the ominous effect of the weapons of Uranian reduced in the population and its respective impact in reached environments and peoples. ' ' The previous data of health the Second Gulf War are critical to establish a base line showing the increases in the cancer levels and defects of birth in this period after Second Gulf War. Previsibly, the direct bombing of cities with weapons of Uranian will cause greaters increases of what in the First Gulf War where the weapons of Uranian reduced had been used in battlefields to the south of Basra. The increases in the used amounts and the alvejamento of cities will speed up the appearance and will intensify the numbers of illnesses and related deaths ace expositions to the Uranian one reduced. ' ' Reports and studies of the General Secretary of the ONU and the Sub commission had folloied reports of high levels of cancer and defects of birth after the introduction in 1991 of weapons of Uranian reduced by U.S.A.

and the United kingdom during the First War of the Golfo.Eles affirm in this spreading to the press that ' ' Sources indicate that in this conflict the amount used in the first Gulf War had been used 5 times. The Uranian one reduced in missiles cruise and other weapons if the inhalation of great amounts of superfine radiativas particles becomes aerosols in the impact causing sending teeny fragmentos of Uranian for the body, as a knife slicing butter. The initial symptoms will be mainly neurological, revealing as weakness, migraines, tonteira and tire muscular. The effect in the long run are cancer, defects of birth, neurological damage or of nerves, and other illnesses of radiation related such as muscular Syndrome of Chronic Fatiga, pains and to articulate, neurological eruptions, damages, riots of the mood, infections, damages in the pulmes and kidneys, auto-immune problems of vision, deficiencies, loss of feeling, etc.' ' The American politics has been to deny that these weapons cause illnesses. The civil and military doctors had been trained in the First Gulf War to define the neurological type of illness as clutter of stress after traumatic, and to leave the radiativos fragmentos in the bodies of the veterans. To read more on similar subjects he sees War