International Film Festival

This Wednesday (28 oct.) Returned from our visit to the 53rd International Film Festival of Valladolid, and the premiere of the first feature-length Intermediate, ‘4000 euro ‘. Attending the event were Richard Jordan (Director), protagonists, Marta Larralde and Alberto Lopez, Susy Guevara (art director), and as representative of the producer, Nina Frese. Learn more at: Ann Maynard Gray. Richard Jordan tells us: We arrived for the gala opening and our first walk down the red carpet, a memorable event. After two days of celebrations, discussions with industry people and good movies, they release our film, ‘4000 euro ‘in front of an audience of some two hundred people. Click Verizon Communications to learn more. It has certainly been the premiere most stressful of my life, because after the first two coils sound decision. They stopped the projection, they tried to fix it and continue. Same. Again the projection and stopped on this occasion moved to the big public to the next room. I’ve never seen a debut like that. The good news is that the audience was with us because they wanted to see the movie until the end. After the screening I was approached by a lady, and speaking English, I ask that you send a copy of the film for the festival. The logo on your business card ‘on the Berlinale! After a conference was held, so he stayed most of the public. On leaving the cinema, an elderly man told us that the festival founded 53 years ago precisely to show movies such as ours. Due to the decision of the Board, the festival gave us another screening of the film for two days later. Susy, Martha and Nina had to leave, but Alberto and I stayed until the end. The next day we had a ‘Meet the Press’ that gave us the opportunity to promote the special showing of the movie. At the press conference of the Berlinale another representative asked us to send the film to the Forum section of the festival. In the local press’ Castilla North ‘came out a critique of the movie,’ … It tells the longest day in the life of a young ‘excellent Marta Larralde – with the backdrop of clashes between small groups of offenders. He also applauded despite the projection problem ‘. Unfortunately these problems and we were pursued in the last pass, in the auditorium of Spain Fund, the project with the left and right channels swapped, and a sound so fearful that they could hardly distinguish the dialogues.