Juiz De Fora

The accidents identified in the year of 2008 if fit in classroom 3 (Liquid Inflammable) and classroom 8 (Corrosive), for order of bigger occurrence. Analyzing the occurrences of the year of 2008, in comparison with the previous years (2006 and 2007), one perceives that it had an addition of five occurrences, however the occurrences if had kept in the regions South, Southeastern and Mining Triangle. One notices, still, that the falling event was remained as main fact of occurrence of the ambient accidents of transport of dangerous chemical products. 6.4. Analysis of the occurrences of 2009 In the year of 2009, was possible to identify the totality of forty and two accidents for the state of Minas Gerais, being that thirty and seven had occurred in the cities of Juiz De Fora, New Rasp, Caranda, Paracatu, The holy ghost of the Laranjeiras, Valadares Governor, Betim, New Rasp, Timteo, Itutinga, Janaba, Are Domingos of the Silver, Tefilo Otoni, Cultivate, Carnpolis of Mines, Piunhi, Glad Landing, Are Sebastio of the Paradise, Congonhas, Are Loureno, Itabirito, Muria, Wells of Caldas, Timteo, Muzambinho, Are Gonalo of the River Below, Priest Oak, Ibi, Tapira, Are Gotardo, Saint Antonio of the Support, Salt mines, Carnopolis of Mines, Ibaratinga, Pardons, Brook of Snows, more two occurrences in each one of the cities of Diamantina, Three Coraes and Belo Horizonte. Of these, eleven had occurred in the central region, fifteen in Southeastern the south region/, three in the mining triangle and eight in the region north of the state of Minas Gerais, whose cities that are part of the regions above cited, have federal highways BR-381, BR-040 and BR-262 as main axles of occurrence. Although the increase of the number of accidents in 2009 in comparison with the occurrences of the years of 2006, 2007 and 2008, observes an incidence of the accidents involving the transport of dangerous chemical products in the regions central, south, Southeastern mining triangle. .