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For Locoste

form, to understand the man and its relation with the environment and, over all, to make a perceivable analysis of the individual, through the knowledge with the subjective world of each human being. (P. 150-151) 2.2 – New geography in a fenomenolgica perspective to understand the individual in the lived space placed in center of the analysis the place, because it is in the place more than in the space that if the existence of rela relates and the lived experience. From this perspective, the regional studies had started to conceive the man with its cultural values. (152-155) 2.3 – Fenomenolgica geography had some confrontation with based new geography in the perspective dialectics of the marxism contributed Geographic science sufficiently, opening a way to reflect the society politically, inhaling in many marxist gegrafos if to interest for the social problems and analysis of the capitalist world to criticize the inaquality of this system that was reigning. Keep up on the […]


Regina Arajo

This treating foresaw gradual establishment of a common market, prepared for the constitution of a zone of free commerce. Initially it counted on seven integrant ones that they are: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Peru, Paraguay, Mexico and Uruguay. Later also it received the adhesion from Colombia, the Equator, Venezuela and Bolivia. For even more opinions, read materials from Ripple. For Demtrio Magnoli and Regina Arajo, the ALALC reflected the passage of industrialization for substitution of importation, followed for the main economies of the subcontinent: Brazil, Argentina and Mexico. The implicit logic in the agreement was of magnifying, for the regional plan, of the adopted politics of customs protection in the national markets. Please visit Cyrus Massoumi if you seek more information. The desenvolvimentista rhetoric who livened up such logic based itself on the slight knowledge of sped up industrialization and independent development. (MAGNOLI and ARAJO, 1998, P. If you would like to know more about Gary Kelly, then click here. 23). […]