Klaus Radloff

This means that Liniments so can differ only gradually from the medication and have the same side effects. In addition, that such gels develop heat. It is claimed that it was the result of the reconstituted blood circulation after removal of swelling. A generally welcome reaction, if not contradictory observations would be the contrary: This gel applied to healthy skin not only a remarkable development of heat, but also a skin redness produce. This means that the contained active ingredients have a circulation-boosting, warm so hyperamisierende effect, which is clearly contraindicated in inflammatory processes.

Inflammatory processes are enhanced through the formation of heat and thus enhancing the opportunities of this Preparations. Read more from Vanguard Group to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Environment for drug residues found in wastewater is according to the German Federal Government mainly to diclofenac. Plants also take drugs out of the ground. If you are not convinced, visit NBA Games. In the case of diclofenac, 70 percent leave the human body via the urine unchanged. About 90 tons of this substance consumed per year in Germany, which reach about 63 tons of diclofenac in the water cycle. Because sewage treatment plants in this case are ineffective, to return freely over the surface waters also in the drinking water. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Michael Mendes Just Desserts. The treatment of cattle with diclofenac has led in the 1990s to the drastic decline in the vulture population including India.

Vulture took the active ingredient of the domestic animal carcasses and developed a gout-like symptoms only and then died of kidney failure. Considering the fact that every year in Germany about 63 tons of the drug to be released, in the drinking water are included and are recorded to other parts of plants which in turn part of the human Diet are, the fear that us fare such as Indian vultures, cannot be ruled out. The alternative: It goes without anti-inflammatories! Each of us can make a contribution. We should check whatever the often existing alternatives for the medical treatment of pain patients”, says Hans-Christian Schafer of the Deutsche Bundesstiftung Umwelt (DBU). In my practice as a physical therapist, I experience every day and sometimes intense pain. Nearly all these patients not consume anti-inflammatories and painkillers already for a long time. The first of what is expected of me, is the most immediate shutdown of pain and this can be achieved with cold or heat applications. Performed correctly pain, swelling and other symptoms including subside most immediately and it is invariably unnecessary the use of anti-inflammatory drugs. The effect of heat or cold is clearly superior and beyond of the anti-inflammatory drugs also absolutely free of side effects. You will find more information here: pagewizz.com/self-help… Klaus Radloff