Lamination Tips

Installation of laminate flooring is made of several steps: 1. Grinding surface. 2. Actually, laying laminate flooring. 3. Cleaning the floor after the work done.

Surface preparation lasts for several days. After purchasing the laminate it should be left in the room, laminate must adapt humidity and temperature of the local environment, and adopted its size. Before laying necessarily evaluate the surface to which laminate will be laid. Provided that you have an old wooden floor, it is necessary to level the building to check for irregularities. On the side about 2 meters allowed drops a few millimeters. If the unevenness exceeds the limit, you have to eliminate roughness of the special machine.

And be sure to check its rigidity. If the floor caves in, even from a person's weight, they must be replaced. When spreading a laminate on concrete is necessary, as with a wooden floor, to test its position relative to the horizontal plane. If you find any small deviations to establish self-leveling screed. Making sure the surface is necessary to put waterproofing of the polyethylene film. In this case, the overlap of adjacent strips must be at least 20 cm of concrete floors are heated for a long time, so for better heating of the sexes under the material can be podstelit thin plywood (10 mm). Laminate flooring can be laid directly the linoleum. Only need to check the stiffness and flatness foundation under it. Waterproofing in this case can not be laid. The substrate can be used cork.