Marketing Manager

Altran CIS study: Marketers see majority significant optimisation potential Koblenz, October 21, 2008 – the marketing face after a survey of the consulting firm Altran CIS majority a greater pressure to succeed. At the same time, they recognize mostly but also significant opportunities in their measures to activate untapped potential for optimisation and thereby increasing the yield-enhancing effects. Cross-industry almost 250 Marketing Manager from medium-sized and large enterprises with a sales volume were asked by more than 100 million euros. In the study, 27 percent of those polled indicate that they currently have to deal with slightly higher expectations of success, 38 percent are confronted even with \”significantly increased\” claims with regard to the results of their actions. However, only 29 percent of the Marketing Manager determine a situation largely unchanged. Only six percent say that the expectations of success have become less in recent times. If you would like to know more about Gary Kelly, then click here. This majority critical evaluation of the expectations of success faces, however, that officials review the result of efficiency of sales-promoting actions in marketing long not as maxed out.

A third believes that in principle increases the sales-related results in a magnitude of more than 30 percent reach can be. Each seventh marketers even estimates the value proposition have increased by more than 50 percent. The largest group of respondents, 42 percent sees improvement between 10 and 30 per cent, while a quarter more skeptical assessed the chances of more favourable results. Marketing is in the company in a distinct change of quantitative and qualitative performance assessments\”, says Dr. Jorg Reinnarth, business manager at Altran CIS. Is so far mainly the scope of measures has been measured, profitability criteria would are now clearly in the foreground. These changed conditions often present the marketing departments \”significant challenges as it with the classical methods the value of their campaigns can predict nor adequately represent\”, it problematized.