Orchard Man

Our fruits are seeds the fruits generate seeds. Already the leves do not generate seeds. The times we are worried in looking at for the great ones, but they are small the insignificant that costumam to have fruits. When to look at to the orchard, gives attention in the lesser trees! The Orchard It had a man that he had an orchard, he watered, he adubava and it took care of with well-taken care of extremity, but the trees did not give fruits. When very they freed some extemporaneous one, but it was everything. The man insisted on its daily efforts to transform its orchard and he did not find in it the waited effect.

Certain day, looking at beyond its lands, saw the orchard, all borne fruit neighboring. The trees all full ones of fruits. The man started to watch the owner of the orchard, being waited to see it, to know because its plantation produced in such a way while its orchard was only pretty. Looking at, one day, it he perceived that the owner of the orchard was between the trees. When coming close itself to make the desired questions to it, he perceived that the man beat insistently in the trees and that it peeled forming wounded in the trunks of these.

The abismado man asked to the other what it was that frightful attitude, since the trees were so good in producing. The other said to it that it was deceiving the plants with that process, therefore when being wounded peels for it and to be surradas believing that they were for dying, the trees forces the ground and goes to the meeting of the fretico sheet, what it makes with that it finds water enough so that they grow and they produce more. As it knows said the owner to you our ground is very dry and the only way of them to react better is deepening its roots.