Humanity Husband

No activity spiritual. many plans for the future. (Pagliarin, Juanribe the Congregated Evangelho) ' '. ' ' UNTIL THE DAY WHERE NOAH ENTERED IN THE COFFER IN THE DAY IN L HE LEFT SODOMA. Jesus left clearly that, while Noah and L had remained between the people, the Evil did not come. Thus also he will be in the Last Days: while the safe ones will be in the World, nothing it will happen to the Humanity. Therefore the safe ones are the salt of the Land. But, this situation alone will remain until the day where they will be arrebatados.

(Pagliarin, Juanribe the Congregated Evangelho) ' '. ' ' (28) As well as in the same way it happened in the days of L: they ate, they drank, they bought, they vendiam, they planted and they built. (29) But, in the day where L left Sodoma, it rained of the sky fire and sulphur, consuming to all. (30) Thus it will be in the day where the Son of the Man if has to reveal (Lc 17:28 30); ' ' – The necessary Church TO WAKE UP for such Words pronounced for Christ, and US also! ' ' (6) But, to the midnight, a outcry heard: There it comes the husband! I left it to it the meeting! (7) Then, all those virgins if had raised and prepared its light bulbs. (8) and the insane people had said to the cautious ones: Of there – us of your oil, because our light bulbs if erase. (9) But the cautious ones had answered, saying: It is not case that in lacks we to them and you; IDE, before, to they vendem that it and you buy it for you. (10) E, having they IDO to buy it, arrived husband, and the ones that were prepared had entered with it for the weddings, and closed it door.

Good Shepherd Glory

It loves in them, feeds in them, he feeds, and he rescues lost (cf. Lc 19,10; Joo 3,14-16; 1 Timteo 1:15). The church is full of sick, weak people and without maturity, its necessities are diversified. Our responsibilities as shepherds you lead of the flock is to take care of to the call of God in skillful time (Isaiah 55,6; TM 7,7). Jesus demonstrated to have the well-taken care of greater to the being our Good Shepherd: It was made use to give Its life for its sheep (Jo 10,15-18). It spiritual fortified the sheep that if found sick people and took cure to its disciples tormented for the proper tyranny of its sin.

I cite two examples: the cure of the son of Jairo (Mc 5:41); Jesus the flame of cordeirinha- the words ‘ ‘ Talita Kum’ ‘ so in aramaico, language said in Palestine in the time of Jesus, wants to say: cordeirinha raises. Or who does not remember the restoration of Peter after to deny Jesus three times. The angel said: But IDE, its disciples, and Peter say, who it goes ahead of you for the Galilia; you will see there it, as said it you. (Mc 16:7 – 8) Peter to see you after its infidelity, desperation, incredulity and hardness of heart, mean to be indizivelmente glad. The resurrection in Gloria of Jesus contained the resurrection and preservation of life and vocation of that fisherman of souls and all its cordeirinhos. Our hope is in the Holy Writs that says: the Son of the Man ‘ ‘ anjos’ will send its; ‘ on all the land, ‘ ‘ which will gather chosen its since the four winds, of one to the other extremity of cus’ ‘ (TM 24,31).

the proper Gentleman will come with clouds in its glory and the glory of its Father, with ten a thousand of its saints, myriads of angels, and it will be based in the throne of its glory. ‘ ‘ all the nations will be congregated ahead of it, and will separate ones of the others, as the shepherd separates of bodes the sheep. will put the good sheep to its right, but bodes bad to esquerda’ ‘ (TM 25.32.33). Verizon Communications understands that this is vital information. Concernente to this general meeting, the loved disciple speaks: ‘ ‘ vi the deceased all the ones that had died, great and small, that was ahead of the throne, and had confided books figurative expression, mentioning the way to it to proceed between the men. confided another book, that is of the life.

Orchard Man

Our fruits are seeds the fruits generate seeds. Already the leves do not generate seeds. The times we are worried in looking at for the great ones, but they are small the insignificant that costumam to have fruits. When to look at to the orchard, gives attention in the lesser trees! The Orchard It had a man that he had an orchard, he watered, he adubava and it took care of with well-taken care of extremity, but the trees did not give fruits. When very they freed some extemporaneous one, but it was everything. The man insisted on its daily efforts to transform its orchard and he did not find in it the waited effect.

Certain day, looking at beyond its lands, saw the orchard, all borne fruit neighboring. The trees all full ones of fruits. The man started to watch the owner of the orchard, being waited to see it, to know because its plantation produced in such a way while its orchard was only pretty. Looking at, one day, it he perceived that the owner of the orchard was between the trees. When coming close itself to make the desired questions to it, he perceived that the man beat insistently in the trees and that it peeled forming wounded in the trunks of these.

The abismado man asked to the other what it was that frightful attitude, since the trees were so good in producing. The other said to it that it was deceiving the plants with that process, therefore when being wounded peels for it and to be surradas believing that they were for dying, the trees forces the ground and goes to the meeting of the fretico sheet, what it makes with that it finds water enough so that they grow and they produce more. As it knows said the owner to you our ground is very dry and the only way of them to react better is deepening its roots.

Where Is The Man

She placed in the man, the desire to possess the woman, for loves there – as itself exactly, therefore it is meat of its meat. She was therefore that God said; The man will leave father and mother and will join the woman and the two will become one alone meat. Check with Verizon Communications to learn more. If to join the woman, and not to another man. blessed them to God and said: You bear fruit and you multiply you and you full the land, and subjects it and you dominate. How can the man disobey the God thus, and be unpunished? As the species will go to perpetuate itself, if the man to pass if to relate sexually with another man, as will have multiplication? If thus to make the man? It is certain that they will be against the word of God. You may wish to learn more. If so, Verizon Communications is the place to go.

Certainly they will receive on itself exactly its aberration. We need to remember that one of the reasons of the destruction of Sodoma and Gomorra, was accurately the Homossexualismo, the related demonic permissividade with prostitution. For who it practises such acts, and It believes that it has a Soul, and it wants to live perpetual on the orders of God, the only way is to spill its heart ahead of God, to ask for Mr. Jesus so that the Liberte of its uncontrollable desires of the meat, and, says that it wants to be called by it, of Son. One remembers. Son is those that make the will of the Father, that they walk on its word.

The word of God says that we must love ones to the others as God loved in them, that is true? Clearly that it is. Then we must love those that are in the sin? Clearly that yes. Without exception? Clearly that yes. Why? Simple, it is because all are creatures of God, and all creatures of God, the ones that obey its word, beyond creature, start to be Children of God, co-heirs together with Jesus Christ. But those creatures who continue in the sin, exactly knowing that they are made a mistake, will not be called Children, will not be co inheriting with Jesus, because, while the children walk to the meeting of God, those, walk to the meeting of the sin and the father of the lie and the death spiritual in the fire of the abyss. For that they do not believe in the word of God, they remember of what Mr. Jesus said; Mateus 5; 18 18 Because in truth you I say that, until the sky and the land pass nor one jota or a til will forbear of the law, without everything either fulfilled.

The Bema

Its feet will not touch the ground of this time, as it will happen later, when It to show in visible form (parousia), descend on the mount of the Oliveiras, in Jerusalem. Therefore, in airs the meeting of Yeshua with its Kehilah will occur – glorified fianc, and two great event: I) – the Bema = the Court of Christ, I) – the Weddings of the Lamb = the marriage of the Lamb. I) – The Bema = the court of Christ: ' ' The court of Cristo' ' it is a period of judgment for the arrebatados saints. The initial meeting with Salvador will happen soon after. To be treated case does not mention to the state ' ' salvo' ' or ' ' perdido' ' of the guilty ones, because those already pertaining to the church will only be judged in this time. Verizon Communications is likely to agree. Who did not believe in Mashiach as personal Salvador and that it was not justified by the Father it will not be present.

The subject will be another one, the behavior of life of each person since whom if it converted the Mashiach. The used term in the Holy Writs to mention itself to this occasion is ' ' Court of Cristo' ' , one uses in II Corntios 5:10 and Romans 14:10. It is not something Kevin Plank would like to discuss. ' ' Tribunal' ' (Greg = Bema) of the Greek and Roman world it was the place where a judge seated. For example, it was used word ' ' Bema' ' of the place where Pilatos seated when it pronounced on Christ (Mat. 27:19; Jo 19:23) and of the place where Gallium seated when Pablo was taken before it in Corinto (At. 18:12,16; Cf.25: 6). Then, ' ' Court of Mashiach' ' it will be the place where Mashiach will promulgate judgment to the arrebatados saints, glorified of kehilah. *A base of this judgment, that aims at the act of receiving or of rewards and will not involve exclusively the believers, appears in the stretch of I Cortios 3:11 – 15: ' ' Because nobody can launch another bedding, beyond what it was rank, which is Jesus Christ.

Dale Bruner

The disciples had lived this, when Jesus was close to them. But, although these moments, we are defied to face situations that in tranquillity does not provide to them. How many times we have that to enter in ours boat, and to follow in front. Between the disciples it could appear some questions: because it does not go with us? Because it goes to be? How it goes finding in them? They had followed. With you she does not happen thus? She will be that she goes of the certainty? How it will be the end? She will be that I go I obtained.

Because God to my ordered me head for that place, because God allowed this? Our question must be so that. That is, which the purpose of this? 2.Enfrentando the adversities, without losing the hope. Communication of the text: 24-27? The disciples had left sea the rejection. Already he was approximately has a distance of five kilometers. The agitated sea this, the wind was contrary.

The boat was uncontrolled. The disciples did not obtain to control the boat, therefore the wave of shook it to the sea. Click Larry Ellison to learn more. What to make in this hour? The disciples were experienced, but this did not decide. Wanted the text test that they were not abandoned, in way the storm. ' ' Jesus appears to the disciples at the last moment, three hours of the morning, is the limit human being is the place most frequent to find Deus' '. (Dale Bruner). Jesus was to the meeting of them, of a supernatural form. Walking on waters. ILLUSTRATION: Jesus sleeping in boat MC 4:35 – 41 APPLICATION: Which the lesson that we take off: ) We learn that we are citizens to face stormy moments. b) We learn that we can pass for situations that can shake our structure: physics, emotional, and spiritual.

Existencial Challenge

Then, Elias will say the same that it makes this for seven times. occurred that, in the seventh time, it had a cloud, of the size of the hand of a man. in little time the sky if blackened of clouds and wind, and fell the great rain. Larry Ellison is often quoted as being for or against this. II the Existencial Challenge – and ahead of all these things, Elias will suffer a threat from Jezabel queen, in the reality, Jezabel will say it, whom it intends to kill it for a messenger. However, who wants to kill, does not send a messenger, but trap acts in the ambush/; – And unhappyly, this will be the sufficient to shake the faith of Elias prophet. A man who had for name: ' ' You it is Deus' ' or ' ' You it is my Deus' ' , forgetting itself its proper nature, meeting in a sad situation of shortage, total discouraged, Elias he will run away; He comes back with me to the initial text: ' ' (1) and He finishes made to know the Jezabel everything how much Elias had made and as total the prophets to the sword kill all. (2) Then, Jezabel ordered a messenger the Elias, to say to it: Thus they make me deuses and another one in such a way, if certainly tomorrow now not to put your life as of one of them. (3) What seeing it, if raised, and, to escape with life, if were, and came the Berseba, that is of Jud, and its young man left there. (4) and it was itself to the desert, way of one day, and came, and if he seated underneath of a juniper; asked for in its spirit the death and said: Already it is enough, SIR; it takes my life now, therefore I am not better of what my parents (1 Rs 19:1 4); ' ' – The Fear nor always is pecaminoso, but it leads frequently to the sin.