‘ Then Esa ran it to it the meeting, and hugged it, and was launched on its neck, and kissed it; choraram.’ ‘ Gn 33:4 we have lived days where some people do not support ones to the others, for this or that reason. ‘ always has a good justification for ours; ‘ nervosinho’ ‘ , the other made something or left to make, and I, almost a god, gentleman of the veradade, did not like. It or it can until wounded having me, but I go to leave I stop backwards the things that if had passed and to continue walking for front, this pack I am not mine. I go to liberate pardon, I decide for this, not necessary to feel I only go to pardon and ready. The brother of Esa stepped on in the ball, or better, Jac dribbled its brother with an irregular play, marked a goal in impediment situation, provoked and extremely left its mogoado brother to the point of Esa to desire to kill it. Then the chance came, arrived the day to make right the accounts. Jac trembled on the inside, sighted its Esa brother (the wronged one) folloied of others 400 men. It was the end, the day of revenge, suggested plate to be saboreado cold.

Nor cold nor hot, despite in the East the climate esquente literally, Esa decided to pardon. It was launched the arms of to its hugged it brother and had cried of joy. The abyss that had simply between them disappeared. That it convinces you to the Espirito Santo the decision, then you will be free. It exists some reasons that do not leave you to decide to pardon, but the root of all they is its pride. Cut for the root it arrests what you, either intelligent. I leave to inform something to you: Pride is sin also, as well as they had made what you.

Skirt of the victim condition, the canvas is place for the losers. It raises champion (a)! JESUS was victim of an injustice, but he was not if justifying. IT hugged the cross, made what he had to be made and only promoted FREEDOM. B R C E! IT DECIDES TO HUG. HE IS NOT PROUD.