Poverty And The Pareto Principle

It is not just that in the country of the serpent and the eagle the Pareto principle is not given! 80:20 If we cling to the Italian sociologist also, in Mexico we would have 20% of the population owns 3684% of the wealth (pardon the mathematical aberration)! The truth is that according to data from the National Banking and Securities Commission (NBSC) the third part of the Mexican wealth is held by the fifth of a percentage point people, or 20 percent. Amazing, right? As I am on track in this thought, I wonder why? Why so little, but so few people really have that much money? A comment, “was the only one when I read the note in the same weekly expressed by a reader said that the information contained there was really very bad news. And it was a shame that there were men so rich in Mexico, a country full of poverty. One thing I am happy to know is that the Mexicans themselves have the answer. It seems that everything is together because this week I heard a reflection of a compatriot which promptly put his finger on the pulse. In fact, people say things former presidents how are you: Salinas was a thief, Zedillo was useless, Fox was a talker and is also the current president.

Still, I say, if we go further back, we have a wasteful Lopez Portillo, dreamy, awkward countryman Luis Echeverria and a populist and short-sighted, etc, etc. Then, consider just the reasoning that leads to the suspicion that the problem is not the presidents (voila, I would say a corny), but the people who compose the nation. The everyday actions of the set of all these more than 106 million Mexicans. Each new president will find the same people. It’s like soccer selection.

Let me apologize for the fans but I too am excited to see play at the green and me “shrinks” the leather! However, I can only acknowledge the truth. No matter the technician to come. And he said Bora Milutinovic being in charge of those selected, whether you have players like at that time was Romario of Brazil and other luminaries, but Mexican and equipment, other results would be. As a citizen does not change the overall result is the same as always. The Mexican lives in a special universe. In this country is a virtue to take advantage of others, pay bribes, to pay for obtaining government jobs, overlapping criminal, fake securities, trust in idols. No confidence in undertaking major projects is part of the culture, stupidity is an institution that is reflected in nonsense such as the worship of a “sovereign” national abroad giving the profits of refining gasoline, instead of allowing investors to open source for employment and advancement national soil to produce enough fuel. Much could be added, but is not the purpose. Suffice it to say that the solution to this problem is about every man and woman every day when you look in the mirror and the only shame is that 106 million people can not leave ingenious poverty.