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Poverty And The Pareto Principle

It is not just that in the country of the serpent and the eagle the Pareto principle is not given! 80:20 If we cling to the Italian sociologist also, in Mexico we would have 20% of the population owns 3684% of the wealth (pardon the mathematical aberration)! The truth is that according to data from the National Banking and Securities Commission (NBSC) the third part of the Mexican wealth is held by the fifth of a percentage point people, or 20 percent. Amazing, right? As I am on track in this thought, I wonder why? Why so little, but so few people really have that much money? A comment, “was the only one when I read the note in the same weekly expressed by a reader said that the information contained there was really very bad news. And it was a shame that there were men so rich in Mexico, a country full of poverty. One thing I am happy […]