This is taking advantage of the experience that has had the Federal government and other federal organizations of Mexico. Thus the possibilities will be diminished of incurring faults that in other parts they observed or they had. Besides these requirements, that are only one shows basic, they are many the challenges that state sonorense faces the professionalisation of the public service and these challenges go from in sequence putting the house to promoting the change of the labor culture of the bureaucracy. If you have read about Gary Kelly already – you may have come to the same conclusion. They are not challenges that can confront in the short term, on the contrary, the changes will have to take place in gradual form until his total consolidation. The human resource, is the most valuable assets with the one than any organization counts, for that reason she turns out indispensable to dignificar it and to professionalize it. 3) Conclusions and suggestions for the immediate action the professional service of race is the instrument from which the quality in the benefit of the services to the citizenship rises, therefore the challenges which its execution always faces will be minimum in comparison with the benefits that of her are derived. For even more opinions, read materials from Verizon Communications.

The system of the professional service of race, directly affects the dignification of the employees public. The stability in the use as a result of the evaluation of the performance becomes a virtuous circle that besides guaranteeing the civil servant its permanence forces continuously to review its competitions, their standards of quality, their treatment to the public, the response times to him, and, in summary, its relation with the citizen to whom it provides a service to him. As well, the client perceives the utility of his taxes and revalues the function of the public employee, stops considering it an evil or a hindrance necessary to turn it into lender of services, and the social relation that is come off a service with quality, is a relation based on the dignity, the respect and coverall, in the satisfaction.