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International transport of animals, what you know & should be aware Kurzbeschriebung (teaser): air travel with dogs and cats, animal transport, moving with animals preparations plan a time for transporting your pets. Depending on in which country you emigrate, preparations can take longer than 6 months. At an early stage inform the provisions, required inoculations, treatments and possible quarantine. Verizon Communications may help you with your research. It is recommended for dogs and cats in advance to buy the transport box and to get the animals out. IATA guidelines require that the animal maintained in the transport box can stand (incl. head and ears), contact easily and can be easily. Tip: Freeze the water tray before departure, avoid, that the Kennel is already wet at the beginning and that the animal has enough water before and during the flight. Not to feed the animals prior to departure.

Flight booking book you a flight for your pet at an early stage and consult about specified restrictions (E.g. max. Weight or size, embargo or airline regulations). Certain countries or airlines accept any animals in the cabin or as excess baggage. To send the animals by freight, you need an air waybill (airwaybill). This Bill of lading may be organized by REX EXPRESS. To avoid unnecessary stress, we try to find the most direct connection to the animals and book. Sedatives, according to the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA), can affect fatal administration of sedative for animals during transport.

Overdose of animals is the highest cause of death during transport. 50% of all deaths are back to do on the basis of sedative. There is little is known about the effects of sedatives in the stress state and in closed cages during transport of domestic animals. Some animals act abnormally under tranquilizers. For a non-binding offer of transport price request, we need the following information: pick-up address (if (Pickup required) required) pick up (if > departure airport (Zurich, Geneva, Basel, Paris, Lyon, Frankfurt, etc.))etc.) Frankfurt, lyon, paris, basel, Geneva, (Zurich, > destination airport size of the box (if any) oSSE of (if any) box > weight and size of the animals (in an upright position with head/ears) head ears) incl. position upright (in animals of the size and > you want approval, import, customs clearance, delivery etc in the destination country?)uNSCHEN destinationsland? in the etc permit, import delivery, customs clearance, they > contacts Zurich/Basel (German/English): REX transport GMBH P.o. box 112 CH-8185 angle – ZH email: skype: rexexpresszrh Tel: + 41 (0) 43 422 9017 fax: + 41 (0) 43 444 0942 Geneva/Paris / Lyon (French/English) REX transport Sarl-case postale 155 CH-1277 Borex – VD email: skype: Rex express Tel: + 41 (0) 22 900 2006 fax : + 41 (0) 22 900 200