Salvador Dali

He is of the tracer Percy Lau. He has pretty illustrations. the material is for I to draw. – To draw? had almost inquired the two that in choir. in choir. – Yes Then boys said the grandfather of Jurandi if vocs to agree, the remeiros will make for us succulent a peixada one and meanwhile vocs they go to be able to be talking. The two had agreed to offer and the three remeiros that had been in the boat had started to prepare the last meal of the day. After the supper, the boys and two remeiros had been even so.

Jurandi, in the farewell, spoke for Joozinho and Carlinhos: Then tomorrow early the meeting is here. A remeiro was taking account of the boat. The grandfather was to sleep in the cabin and Jurandi was for the deck. The night was very pleasant,> with its immense figurehead brought alongside in the wharf of Saint was a Warlike scene of thought it but Salvador Dali I do not know not. However balls, were alone what it lacked to me. who will be that it spoke? Continuing to look at for the sides, in data instant it estremeceu. It perceived that voice alone could have come of the figurehead. It turned over for and looked.

Eyes in the eyes. Jurandi did not have fear. Eyes in the eyes. At that moment the figurehead, for its total admiration, blinked the right eye and smiled. Jurandi not wise person what to make. With its ten years of age, it left it to the situation encabulado. But that sounded to it as> I answered the figurehead. But that this secret is alone ours. If you to count to another person, this magic if finish. – Can trust me said Jurandi. I do not go to count for nobody. – It is well. Thus, of today in ahead, in our trips I go to count for you the fantastic things that happen in> Makes there answered the figurehead. – Such of Salvador Dali Counts who to me is this who I never heard to speak. It deferred payment this way? – did not answer the figurehead. She is a famous artist who deferred payment in the Europe. It looks for to inquire itself in books. – Salvador Dali and now Europe, was alone what he lacked to me! All newness, but is well, I go to look for in books and to discover. Until more. – Until more he said the figurehead. Still half stuned with everything what it finishes to happen, Jurandi, in a gesture of affection, passed the hand on the head of the figurehead, came back toward the cabin of the boat and kept the drawing. Before> Warlike . – Is well answered Warlike. It left the boat and it was to play with Joozi>