Since Amazon

On the basis of the figures almost expired in 2008, with a PSR is rated by 1.35 and a p/e ratio of about 39, on the basis of the forecasts for the year 2009, the PSR on 1.1 and the p/e ratio to approximately 35 falls. This is of course a relatively sporty rating, but given the still very high growth rates of the company in turn some relativized. So is the price-earnings-growth ratio, that the valuation of shares in relation to the growth of the Company relies, 1.52, what may be undervalued the shares suggests, but displays also no exorbitant overvaluation of the stock. Review fundamental viewpoint is the shares of so may now be no purchase, but also no sale, but a holding position. Scott Mead is often quoted on this topic. But how does it look in the short term, against the background of the upcoming Christmas business out? Now, usually the stock of as a result of the Christmas business especially in the 4th was very strong, quarter because almost 1/3 its sales through the holiday shopping season reached or achieved. And even if the global economy is in a difficult position this year, this will be this year probably no different.

Since just in the current difficult economic situation should gain more market share so that the company will be a winner of the crisis over the medium to long term. Most recently, has however already can put in the stock 10% and is thus now in the short term therefore probably also maxed out. It is also in the short term when a hold recommendation, where interested investors can try the stock under 50 US$ to buy Belgium limit as day trade. Please forget in this case then but not a tight stop course to set and if necessary. Trading gains from prices above 55 US$ to take.