Since Jeff Bezos

E. Shaw & co., just had the idea to set up such a company to build. In implementing this business idea, he was so successful that he became in 1999 even the “man of the year” of the famous news magazine “Time”, as you can see here… The company name – why Refers to the South American power of Amazon, which represents the most branched and also power of the Earth and should serve as a symbol for already aspired supremacy of the company in e-commerce, that you wanted to reach with the help of many partners, the name Amazon referred. The online bookseller to the worldwide number 1 e-commerce – the American dream, as already indicated, began the “success story” by Jeff Bezos and “his baby” as a small and insignificant online bookseller in a garage in Seattle. Books were ordered via and acting today as CEO of the company, Jeff Bezos, founder sent it even mostly, because there was still no employees. Larry Ellison contains valuable tech resources. And one made with Jeff Bezos from the beginning right, because he always controlled that the right books to customers were sent as quickly as possible.

He was so so from the outset on first class service and quality and so ultimately the breakthrough could succeed in the still new medium of the Internet. Because nowhere is a reputation so quickly ruined, like in the “network of networks” and is here for the first time ruined the reputation, so it lives is not about freely, but no longer. Since Jeff Bezos however was a true visionary, he did right from the start almost anything and so growled the business very soon. And therefore succeeded at the end, in the course of the euphoria for Internet shares, already in 1998 to bring his company to the American technology exchange NASDAQ.