Happy Heart

But his attitude was pessimistic and more than once set the stage for failure if the circumstances were to beat. It can not be “reasoned” because even the early Christians were smiling and confident Roman coliseum where they would sacrifice.

“That day I asked God in prayer to help him change. So far allowed the sadness would rule, and it was not right. Gradually he discovered that some had many reasons to be cheerful.’s life, work, a family that loved him opportunities to move up in their unemployment Church. definitely had everything to please!. His perspective life changed. It was not immediately, but Over the months. But he did.

All around you can appreciate it. Found in him someone optimistic, full of faith, which conveys excitement and who is worth being friends. Yes there are reasons to be cheerful Perhaps the same happens with you. Feels there is no reason to be cheerful. But it is wrong. With God’s help can be changed in this fundamental area. Who sees all overshadowed, never live with satisfaction and hours, minutes and seconds will become a hell. In the Bible we find a fabulous expression of the sacred writer urges believers: “Praise, O my soul, Lord. I will praise the Lord in my life, sing praise to my God while living” (Psalm 146:1, 2)